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Asking "Aright" in Prayer:

Remember the saying, be careful of what you ask for, because you might just get it?  Or Murphy's Law of asking for a million dollars, you get it, but you're two million dollars in debt... In the book "The Game of Life" Florence Scovel Shinn explains how to ask 'aright' in prayer.  She teaches asking God for what is ours by 'divine right'.  Divine right being; the wealth, love, health or perfect self-expression that is in God's plan for us.  

Ms Shinn also teaches asking that we receive under grace.  Then when what we ask for arrives, it will come in a wonderful way instead of an unhappy way.  A perfect example is if a person asks for extra cash to come to them - but they fail to ask that it arrive under grace... the cash comes, but it comes from an insurance settlement because a loved one was injured.

When asking God to send to us what is ours by 'divine right' and to please send it under grace in wonderful ways, we ask 'aright' and miracles manifest.

You may experience the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn through the GAME of LIFE Mastery Program based on The GAME of LIFE WORKBOOK, The Secret Door to Success MASTERMIND based on The Secret Door to Success: Your Manifesting Blueprint.

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