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Cleansing, Clearing and Blessing Your Home

Thorough House Cleansing, Clearing and Blessing:

First, clean your house - yes clean it.

Then, with prayer, sprinkle Kosher salt around the exterior perimeter, visualizing a wall of white light protecting your home from negative energies.

Move inside and close all windows and doors except for one at the top of the home. (If you live in a rancher style, close all windows except one and begin farthest away from the open window and move toward it.) You may use a sage smudge stick or a white candle. Go to the bottom of the house (or farthest away from the open window if a rancher).

Begin with a prayer of intent and ask God and His Angels to come be with you as you cleanse your home of negative energy.

Then light the candle or smudge stick. Waft the smoke from the stick or the candle around the room paying close attention to windows and doors. Repeat: "I break up and release all negative and stagnant energy in this place. May peace light and divine love protect us and be ever-present" (from John Edward's tape "Unleashing Your Psychic Potential").

You may also ask for good health, nourishing meals, happiness, warmth in the winter, etc. while moving from room to room. While you're at it, ask God to cut the ties of all negativity associated with your home and that the effects of negativity be undone in all directions of time, balancing all karma for everyone concerned.

Finish at the open window. Visualize all negative and stagnant energy leaving your home. In it's place visualize God's divine white light filling your home with peace, prosperity and harmony.

Thank God and the angels for their help. Blow out the candle and throw it away or extinguish the smudge stick.

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