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The Soul Kisses website holds a surplus of support for your transformation in the form of services, programs, products, webinars AND this Library of information, tools, recommended resources and gifts from me to aid you in living a more joy filled life. 

You'll discover that there are hundreds of website pages of support here - including my personal recommendations of the spiritual services of other people.  I share the work of others because I know that there may be others who resonate with you more and I want to fully support you to find those people.  Supporting your highest good is my mission!

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May you find the support and guidance you are seeking to breathe fully into your most magnificent life!

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Spiritual Food to Support Your Soul

Angelic GPS is added to the blog each week.  It is also available through the Soul Kisses APP!

The daily Soul Kiss is a spiritual affirmation -  imagine... angel support in your inbox every day!


The Angel Message of Support is delivered on Thursdays in the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Newsletter and is archived on the blog.


Add your name or someone you love to the Pray it Forward Prayer List - we pray for everyone on Fridays!


Join the Heal Mother Earth with Love virtual community - sending love to Mother Earth on Sundays


Alzheimer's Alternative Care
Connect with the higher self of your
loved one who can no longer communicate verbally.


Sacred Space ~ Build It
& They Will Come


 Angelic Gifts in Photos

Orbs in Photographs

With the assistance of your angels connect with your deceased love one who now resides in the angelic realm.


Spiritual Food: Discover the angelic gifts delivered through Kate's photos and the photos of the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Community.

Discovering Orbs in your photographs?  Wonder why?  Click in and see Kate's photos as well as those of others and discover the messages revealed.


Kate Recommends

Tribute to the beautiful Laura

Messages from Big Jim

Here Kate shares her personal recommendations for books, services, coaching and products from trusted sources. Share the eternal love that transcends death of the human body through this tribute to Kate's beautiful grandmother, Laura.

Kate's dad, Big Jim, transitioned to the angelic realm on October 31, 2005 where he went to school to learn how to support her work from the Angelic Realm


Physical World Tools

Angel Commentaries

Angelic Messages

With the assistance of your angels connect with your deceased love one who now resides in the angelic realm.


Spiritual Food: When you allow yourself to have the 'eyes to see', 'ears to hear' and the 'knowing within' to recognize Angelic experiences, life becomes magical.  You'll want to check this out!


Spiritual Food: This is a collection of angelic messages shared through the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers newsletter since 2005.

Resources and Support from Others

Blog Talk Archive

Here you will find resources that Kate's been collecting since the inception of the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Community. (originally titled: Free Thinking)

Kate hosted the popular radio show Spiritual Whispers with Kate Large for 3 years sharing angelic love and introducing her community to her guests.

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