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This page is dedicated to sharing with you the experiences of others who have participated in Kate's live programs, personal services, recorded programs and guided journey meditations:

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The GAME of LIFE Mastery Program

"What is the difference between The Game of Life Mastery Program and all the others I have tried? For me the most important difference has been Kate herself. I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental her warm, caring support is to succeeding at this program. I feel truly blessed to have found her and this program.

Kate and The Game of Life Mastery program have truly changed my life. Many spiritual books say raise your energy to higher vibration, but do not tell you how to do that. Kate gives you an abundance of tools to accomplish this. You're supported with guided meditations, your angelic team, The Game of Life Workbook, the Private Facebook Community, audios with step by step guidance, Florence's energy and Kate herself. Kate regularly participates in the private Facebook community answering questions, providing inspiration and warm loving support. She also asks you to email her directly if you are struggling.

Also, I absolutely love the fact that she incorporates talking to your angels, and a focus on God as the creator of all that is, with the law of attraction principles. Everything she teaches such as rewriting neural pathways, talking to your angels and raising your energy to a higher level, I have read about and tried before, but until now could not do it.

Kate provides so many tools to help you accomplish everything....  I have made more progress since I started this program than in the previous more than 20 years of effort combined. Kate is an inspirational, motivational and effective teacher and leader of this wonderful program. If you are open and receptive, this program will change your life!"

~ Amy Goguen

"Your teaching has blown me away. I have been on a spiritual path for so many years, most recently focusing on learning to work with my angels. I have books, recordings, articles, paid readings and have learned a lot. But I have never had so many strategies presented to me as you have done. All of the meditations, processes, strategies, and guest speakers address different aspects of life. The affirmation information took the concept to a whole new level. All of the love and forgiveness activities are ones I am using.

There is so much information that I still have not processed it all. Your love and compassion comes through in each lesson. Sharing your own difficulties was so helpful as I struggle and feel that I must be the only one that struggles.

And to top it all off, I can do the program again as a lifetime member. Often, online classes present a lot of information at a fast pace to take it all in. It will be valuable for me to do the class again.

I took the class because when I read Florence's book, it blew me away. I knew the concepts from my other work, but she had a way of expressing them so simply, but powerfully, that I couldn't put her book down. So when you offered the class, I knew I had to take it. I didn't know what to expect, but I got way, way more than I ever dreamed.

God bless you."

~Mary Jo Cox

"Every time I experience the course, I get more out of it. I'm getting just what I need each time I participate.

Plus... I was having trouble with my computer and couldn't get on one of the calls. When I read the transcript, I was thrilled to discover as I read it that the loving energy that I receive on the calls was also very strong when I read the transcript!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

 ~ Barbie

"My a-ha moment was recognizing the many different types of emotions under the umbrella of "fear". I was able to shift with the tools taught to the love energy quite quickly. I could see the difference in my surroundings when I did this. I feel different too almost empowering feeling cause I was able to recognize my fear and make a choice of HOW I want to feel then shift it. I have taken many different classes that were similar to this yet the energy of this class was different. It seemed like the teachings took me to a different level of being. The teachings are simple yet profound. I would highly recommend this class!

Divine Blessings,"
~ Camille Pukay

"The Game of Life Mastery program has been a fantastic experience for me. I believe I was lead to meet Kate, and when given the opportunity to study with her I didn’t think twice. Kate took me from where I was in my spiritual journey before the program to a new level. Kate put my spiritual growth on steroids, through her kind and caring explanations to her guided meditations, too move me closer to my spiritual and life goals. I was skeptical anyone could teach me the steps I needed to rid myself of worry. Yet Kate’s step-by-step guidance did wonders for me. I met my personal “worry angel” (Simon) and handed over my worries to him. Does this mean I’m worry free? No, I just now know how to purge my worries quickly. In addition, I’ve noticed a great diminishing of worries in my life since meeting my “worry angel”.

Kate is not afraid to share her personal experiences, of her own spiritual journey, which creates a comfort in approaching her and asking the questions you might think are trivial; but you find are not. Another aspect of this program that just blew me away was the amount of bonus material she shares with each participant. You will find Kate is unselfish in pouring out her resources to support your spiritual journey and growth."

~ Dominikija

"I get the daily Soul Kisses and when Kate started using quotes from Florence Scovel Shinn, I checked her out on Google finding out this awesome progressive thinking woman was born September 24th … 1871!!! And self published The Game of Life and How to Play It in 1925. Amazing. When Kate put out the email about Mastering the Game of Life I was interested but needed some reassurance before spending the money … it was definitely not in my budget plans. I justified not registering by telling myself I would read the book and sign up ‘next time’.

On the last possible day of registration I was still really on the fence! So I called on my angles. I asked them to send me a penny from Heaven if I was meant to sign up. And in case they needed an alternate option, they could show me some form of wings. This way I would know without a doubt what to do. I did see a couple of Harleys on the way home but knew in my heart that was not my sign for this. After a stop at my Chiropractor I decided to stop looking and go get a haircut. Gina and I chatted about lots of stuff and I left feeling great. As I crossed the street on the way to my car I happened to notice a glint on the pavement. Yep you guessed it, a brand new 2014 penny, face up giving me my nod to place the call and signup!

Well the program has been more than I could have imagined. Kate is truly interested in participants succeeding. The calls are recorded. Within 24 hours we had copies of the call and transcripts, meditations and other supporting materials. I have never had transcripts of any study course. For me, being able to listen to the calls again later allowed me to be fully in the moment during the live calls. The transcripts allowed me to make easy accurate notes of things important to me. Hearing, reading and writing help me fully integrate what I’m learning. My workbook is not pristine but filled with colorful highlighting.

Over the last several weeks I have pealed off a few more layers of my personal onion and ‘got it’ on a deeper level that all life’s lessons are important. What I don’t learn to navigate now will be patiently waiting for me at some future moment. Thanks Florence! Thanks Kate, for the life time study option. I have already signed up for the next session. Here’s to Mastering the Game of Life with a smile :o)"

~ Heather

More experiences of The Game of Life Mastery Program Students

"Even though I’ve done so much of my own healing, The Game of Life Mastery Program illuminated areas and beliefs I’d kept well hidden as I dug increasingly deeper with the aid tools provided with each successive lesson and the warm, encouraging support of Kate and my classmates on this journey. Each lesson allowed me to uncover something whether on my own or by hearing and being triggered by other students. I was amazed at how much more healing I needed and was THRILLED to do so right then & there!

This program helped me to shift out of old patterning, beliefs, attitudes, and habits that have been blocking me from living a full life. Sometimes the biggest hurdle is identifying the block or the false belief you’ve been carrying around deep, deep within! The gentle and loving acceptance of Kate and the other members of the class on the FB community and the use of provided tools allowed me to take risks in feeling through my old wounds and defenses to fully release that old emotional energy. I feel much lighter with increased feelings of peace and calm.

It’s not ‘magic’ as you need to do the work and excavate your interior landscape but you learn to believe in yourself and own the power of your positive beliefs… in yourself and in the world/universe to support & provide for you. I have seen and experienced firsthand the power of my beliefs and the universe joining and creating synchronicities and events occurring for my highest good.

I love the book, The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn, and the pure simplicity of it. Then, to have the benefit of delving in deeper to each lesson weekly with Kate was such a bonus. This book and this course are really timeless and I have found myself returning to both the book and lesson & tools again & again as other events arise in life AND finding solutions and further insights I didn’t see the first time through the material. It truly is masterful at teaching me to ‘retrain my brain’ out of a fear & scarcity mindset to that of trust & abundance!

I highly recommend this course as it is life changing…from the inside out!"

~ Dawn Pinke Anderson, Minnesota

"My A-ha moment and no doubt about it was the call with you everything was amazing and on it, the live exercise about freeing my heart with your guide and the help of angels, feeling, watching them taking my anger, my frustration, my blocking wall away from my heart into the light and feeling the peace and happiness that even today keep me dancing with them (angels) every night before going to bed (mentally of course, my feet are getting better but slowly). It was really, really powerful and different in such a short time we cover a lot of issues, I guess it was so great because of what you call "The Power of Two" -love that phrase and now I use it, quoting you of course-.

From the course making the exercises has been the hardest part for me not because they are difficult or I do not want to write (or analyze) the negative side which comes to be the easy flowing part but for my inner resistance in accepting what is not right and worst yet for doing, writing, thinking, feeling what I need to do: forgive myself and others (for real and deep within), cut the cords from many things (even good ones that hold me from moving forward). Change my beliefs (accept that I deserve to receive, not feel guilty when saying no, I am not and do not need to be perfect) and transform my neural paths to be happy, enjoy and BELIEVE this universe is abundant and no matter what the world outside looks like (violence, corruption), I can and have the right to be of service for people/situations who really need/accept my help, and not be conquered by the "dark side"."

~ Tony

Pam's experience:

“I first came across the writings of Florence Scovel Shinn when a friend gave me the book “The Magic Path of Intuition” as a Christmas present in 2013. I started to read it straight away and couldn’t put it down .. I must have read it over and over on so many occasions .. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I then researched online to see what other books Florence had written and came across the four-in-one book and it was ordered straight away by another friend of mine, who bought the book as a gift as I had re-introduced her to Florence’s work and she also started putting things into action.

I further researched and came across Kate Large’s Workbook on The Game of Life and How to Play It and ordered it straight away .. couldn’t wait for it to arrive. When it did, I started using the Workbook immediately and noticed lots of shifts of energy and just felt like I finally found the right tools for me to create the life I wanted to have.

I had a couple of questions that I wanted answers too and not knowing Kate (yet), I found an email address in the book and wondered if it would still be in existence .. so I sent an email with my questions, and to my very great and wonderful surprise, I received a reply from Kate herself, not only answering my questions, but also advising that if I had any other questions, please feel free to email her again .. I couldn’t help but think what a nice person to offer that.

Kate very kindly sent me information about her Soul Kisses website and gave me a complimentary invitation to attend her 5 day Mini Vacation with the Angels meditation she was running .. signed up for these and loved the meditations .. I noticed on Kate’s website she was intending to run a Mastery Program on the Game of Life and so I signed up for it and couldn’t wait for it to start. As I had been having such a shift in my energy and have been letting go of so many judgments, old non-serving habits, thought patterns etc and found myself in a much better place, so I invited a couple of my friends to also participate in Kate’s Mastery Program and the three of us are loving it and getting so many aha moments that it is wonderful ..

I am attracting in so many wonderful moments/opportunities and helping so many other friends with all that I have learned this year, I have been truly amazed with my progress. I know I am doing a lot of work on myself, however without Kate’s guidance and love in my journey, I believe I wouldn’t have progressed anywhere near as quickly as I have, nor appreciated or acknowledged my progress. Kate has supported me and is so accessible it is wonderful. I have done lots of programs with others, but never has the Facilitator been so accessible as Kate .. to me this shows she is true to her word and really wants to help spread the message about Florence’s work and believe me, Kate has a lot of knowledge having studied Florence’s work for 25 years.

In the Mastery Program, Kate has given us bonus sessions, we have had recordings and transcripts from the calls available within 24 hours, she has given away so many bonus gifts, introduced us to her friends and her generosity just keeps giving .. it is amazing!

If you are thinking about doing the Mastery Program, or perhaps having an Angel Reading with Kate, or doing any of her other programs, I would absolutely encourage you to go ahead and sign up! I’m so blessed I did and will be doing the Program again in the future .. I am shifting my energy and am creating in my life what I want to create .. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I am so much closer to it than ever before and know it is about keeping moving forward, believing in myself, allowing my Angels to work with and for me .. it is a really exciting journey for sure!

Kate, thank you so much for your love, support and belief in me and for holding the energy for me to be who I came here to be, to create what I want to create and have everything I want .. I’m so appreciative and thankful and so excited about the journey forward.

I would be happy to be contacted if anyone would like to know more ..

~ Pam Fallon, Australia

"Twenty years of intense personal development and growth have made significant positive changes in my life and yet, the Game of Life Mastery Program with Kate Large has helped me to reach a whole new level.

While Florence Scovel Shinn's teachings are simple, it can be a challenge implementing them consistently in our lives on our own, especially when we are facing trials and tribulations.

Kate's loving instruction, expansion of Florence's teachings and support of everyone in the Game of Life Mastery community are phenomenal!

If you're looking for that elusive 'something' to finally help you create (and live) the life of your dreams, the Game of Life Mastery Program is for you!"

~ Patti Smith

More from Amy:

I have engaged in spiritual seeking for over 20 years. I have read and tried to apply what I learned from numerous books such as "A Course In Miracles" and almost every book by Marianne Williamson, "Angelspeake", "The Secret", "Conversations With God", many books by Dr. Wayne Dyer like "The Power of Intention" and every book by Gary Zukav relating to "The Seat of the Soul". I also tried Gary Zukav's online Emotional Awareness course, all with limited and short lived success. I also tried the program "The Solution" by Laurel Mellin and read her book "Wired for Joy".

So, I have tried and failed countless times. But, I did not give up and kept seeking. In August of this year during a dark and depressed period of my life, I meditated and prayed and pleaded for guidance and help from God and the angels, day after day.

Then I saw an email in my inbox from Kate about the Game of Life Mastery program. It was for the second video, which I watched and immediately watched the first one as well. As soon as registration opened I signed up.

I was, and continue to be amazed at how quickly things changed, the powerful breakthroughs I have experienced and the changes in me since starting the program.

All the things I tried before had good information and advice, but not much clear direction on how to implement it. Such as rewriting neural pathways, or "The Secret" saying you needed to be positive so think of something happy like a cute puppy and to try to convince yourself you already have what you want. But, when you're sitting in your crappy car and it won't start its not easy to convince yourself you have that nice brand new vehicle.

Kate and The Game of Life Mastery program have truly changed my life. Many spiritual books say raise your energy to higher vibration, but do not tell you how to do that. Kate gives you an abundance of tools to accomplish this. You're supported with guided meditations, your angelic team, The Game of Life Workbook, the Private Facebook Community, audios with step by step guidance, Florence's energy and Kate herself. Kate regularly participates in the private Facebook community answering questions, providing inspiration and warm loving support. She also asks you to email her directly if you are struggling.

What is the difference between The Game of Life Mastery Program and all the others I have tried? For me the most important difference has been Kate herself. I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental her warm, caring support is to succeeding at this program. I feel truly blessed to have found her and this program.

Also, I absolutely love the fact that she incorporates talking to your angels, and a focus on God as the creator of all that is, with the law of attraction principles. Everything she teaches such as rewriting neural pathways, talking to your angels and raising your energy to a higher level, I have read about and tried before, but until now could not do it.

Kate provides so many tools to help you accomplish everything, such as meditations to raise your energy, hand outs about how to rewrite your neural pathways, and recordings of online classes such as Communicating with your Angels, Meet your Worry Angel, How to Master Difficult People, and how to write effective affirmations with advice from the "affirmation doctor" Dr. Anne Marie Evers.

I also like that recordings are provided. If you miss a session or if you want to re-listen to it you can. I like to do re-listen while reading and highlighting the transcript. I really get a lot out of it that way!

I have made more progress since I started this program than in the previous more than 20 years of effort combined. Kate is an inspirational, motivational and effective teacher and leader of this wonderful program. If you are open and receptive, this program will change your life!

~ Amy Goguen

Dominikija also shares:

"Prior to The Game of Life finding its way to me, I had worked for a few years with a spiritual counselor (1995-2001) which gave me a great foundation. I've been successful in my life in many regards however, I can see that I have placed limits on myself based on past upbringing and ingrained beliefs.

In 2008 I enrolled in a 1 year mentor program with Bob Proctor. I have a better understanding of how to “play the game of life” in just the past two months with The Game of Life Workbook than after one year in Bob’s program.

I've read a lot and followed a lot of people and I’m not sure if anyone can explain the game of life, which we each play, as simplistically as Florence does. I think it’s impossible to use the word “Florence” and “complicated” in the same sentence.

I have experienced having a life of no worry, and I had been a big worrier for many, many years. However, since 2010 I’ve let worry creep into my life and pull me down; worry about my business bringing in enough money and also finding perfect self expression.

Kate is right; we all battle with worry at times, and allow it into our lives. My goal is to find that place of consistent non-worry and allow myself to manifest beyond my wildest dreams!

 I met my personal “worry angel” (Simon) and handed over my worries to him. Does this mean I’m worry free? No, I just now know how to purge my worries quickly. In addition, I’ve noticed a great diminishing of worries in my life since meeting my “worry angel”."

The Game of Life Mastery program has been a fantastic experience for me.

What others are saying about the
Amazon International Best-Seller:
The Game of Life Workbook

The new Game of life Workbook brings Florence's 20th century terminology into the 21st century and expands her teachings.  The workbook contains over 45 inside assignment exercises and journal pages to track your progress.

“Kate Large’s ‘Game of Life Workbook’ is an extraordinary expansion upon the life-impacting classic of Florence Scovel Shinn. Kate brings to life the concept that we all must accept responsibility for manifesting our own reality with a series of transformational exercises that will support you to see life in a wholly new way, a way that empowers you to step into your magnificence and take responsibility for creating the life of your dreams. Her workbook is spiritual and grounded, uplifting and enlightening, interactive and challenging. Meditate upon the concepts, do the exercises, and watch your world transform into one marked by love, happiness, contribution, and possibility. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Joe Rubino Creator,, The and

“Kate has incorporated a classic and powerful book by creating a valuable resource for you. This workbook has the potential to radically change your life and your results in powerful and positive ways.”

─Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Great job!! I love Florence Shinn's work and what you have done with her classic by way of the workbook, is simply outstanding!"

-Dr. Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., New York Times Best Selling Author of Choices and Illusions

"You have introduced me to Florence Scovel Shinn. And, I do mean introduce - she too is available to speak to us if you just ask for her help. I have been asking God to show me how to manifest that which I need in my life - this is a period of learning for me and he directed me to you and Florence Scovel Shinn's wonderful writings. I feel like a new person, I no longer feel blocked by the game of life but energized and empowered!"
~ Paula

"Florence Scovel Shinn's teachings Rocked-My-World the first time I read 'The Game of Life and How to Play It' in the early 80's and every time I've read it since!"
Click here to listen to Trudy's chat with Kate about Florence and The Game of Life.
~ Trudy Griswold,

Reviews from Amazon

Soul Kisses




The Secret Door to Success MASTERMIND

Dear wonderful Kate,

It is hard to put into words how incredible I think you and your programs are, but I will try!

After participating in the Game of Life Mastery Program and experiencing tremendous spiritual and personal growth, I was extremely excited to take part in The Secret Door to Success Mastermind. This program is truly incredible and I can honestly say I am a different person (in a very, very good way!) than I was before I started.

Kate Large is an extremely gifted spiritual guide and teacher. She truly cares about her students and her love and support is the secret ingredient that makes her programs have such power. I feel truly blessed to have found her and her programs and teachings.

I have been on a spiritual path most of my life, turning to God for help to survive an abusive childhood and then an unhappy, unloving marriage. I struggled with low self esteem and low self worth and feeling not good enough and undeserving.

Kate and the other amazing people who were part of the mastermind with me created a safe, loving supportive space for me to heal and grow.

This program is so amazing because as I sit here with tears in my eyes, I know this program and Kate's love and wisdom has truly Healed My Soul.

Parts of me I didn't even know were broken are now healed and whole and I look at life through new eyes, with a loving, positive outlook.

I have changed from a person filled with fear and desperation, hoping and praying something would finally change, to a strong woman who Knows she is the Master Creator of her own life and all that I desire is Mine! Moving from hoping and wishing to true knowing is an invaluable gift and I will be forever grateful to Kate and all the people who I now consider my dear friends who did the program with me.

Search your heart, if you are led to this program, you will be truly amazed at the powerful positive changes it will invoke within you. Take the chance, you are worth it and I assure you Kate will not let you down!

Kate, I mean every word - when we joined the SDS Mastermind, you promised we would create a manifesting blueprint that we could use for the rest of our lives - you completely fulfilled your promise! You are a such a blessing. Thank you for everything.

With love and gratitude,
South Carolina, US

Hello Beautiful Kate,

I cannot thank you enough, Kate, for creating and leading the Secret Door to Success Mastermind with such loving guidance.

When a small group of people come together to master material and chart their own particular course with it, it is invaluable to have a leader and guide like you.

Your understanding of (and ability to communicate) the nuances of Florence's work, and your support of the mastermind members as they build their confidence and begin to manifest on their own are cornerstones of the success that comes from being a part of this mastermind.

I have now truly mastered living my Heaven on Earth!

For those who are finally ready to truly shift their reality through implementing the work of Florence Scovel Shinn, with your loving
and inspired support, this is the only mastermind program to consider!

Sending you love, light, blessings and cyber hugs...

Dear Kate

It is with much appreciation and pleasure that I write this testimonial having participated in your first Secret Door to Success Mastermind Program.

At the very start of the journey, you promised that we would learn how to create our own manifesting blueprint, and that we could/would use it for the rest of our lives. You absolutely were true to your word and really fulfilled your promise!

There were so many aspects to creating the blueprint, which is an empowering document, that changes as we grow and expand energetically in all areas of our lives that we want to use it for. Truly inspiring!

The support and love from the other gals in our group is stunning! Even though our mastery program has officially ended, we all stay connected via calls and our private Facebook Community, and my partner/buddy (from the program) and I enjoy our ongoing weekly calls. This has been instrumental in achieving all that we set out to do.

Thanks again Kate for everything .. so appreciative of your leadership, gifts, love and support!

Love and blessings

This amazing program has help me to focus and face issues I was afraid to look at. With the loving support of Kate and the group, it helped me feel not alone. The teachings have touched me deep inside and reconnected me to my spiritual beliefs.

All my life I have wanted a loving family who would hear me and support me to be the greatest expression of ME possible. I never dreamed I would get it from a virtual program, but I did!  Kate and the angels held the safe space for each of us to be vulnerable and heal our painful wounds of the past so that we can now be Empowered to powerfully create the life we've dreamed of.

This program is life changing and I highly recommend it.

Lots of Love,
Connecticut, US

My lovely Kate.

You asked for us to send you information on our experience with the Secret Door of Success Program. I sat down and thought, how am I going to do that? How can I put my feelings into words? My words would seem empty to the experience and feelings that I have about the program and what I experienced.

When you first advertised the program, I sighed with relief because I knew that God and the Angels were listening.

From the moment I received the Secret Door to Success: Your Manifesting Blueprint book I felt the surge of hopefulness that vibrated from the pages. I knew I was about to change my life and the way I looked at it. I was able to experience the magnitude of feelings and steps to create my heaven on earth!

I was always looking for the “How”. The “How” to change my life because I was really tired of being in the same place, living from the same thought process that I have had my whole life.

With this program I experienced the following:

1. Letting Go – Learning how to let go and that it is safe
2. Learning to come from a place of love
3. Trusting the knowledge that I have inside myself - this has been HUGE for me!
4. Being part of a group of incredible women that have become my lifelong friends
5. New ways to recognize and release what no longer serving me

The transformation I have been able to encounter with this program is life changing!!!! I have been able to manifest a new position with an increase of 15%, incredible benefits and the ability to work from home a couple days a week to be home with my daughters. I don't feel that I would have been able to do that without Kate and her program.

If you are ready to change your life sign up for Kate's program to create your heaven on earth!

All my love,
Indiana, US


Virtual VIP Day

The Virtual VIP Day with Kate magically transformed my life immediately! Our time together saved me months of struggling and still I may not have been able to make the changes necessary on my own. Kate gently and clearly guided me through the process of releasing the torment I had been carrying and saved the love of my life!

I scheduled my Virtual VIP Day with Kate at a time when I felt incredibly oppressed and overwhelmed by a situation that, from the outside, seemed easy to deal with. But the reality was this life situation was tearing me apart. I felt emotionally depressed and almost physically attacked, like my cells were constantly rejecting me being there. Although I was strongly considering leaving everything behind, I also felt that there was an opportunity for me to grow and live my life in happiness, should I succeed in overcoming my feelings.

Pretty early in the session, Kate uncovered why these people had such an impact on me: I had experienced many lifetimes of being oppressed and abused by them. In previous lifetimes they had abused their position and power over me, but in this lifetime I have evolved. I'm no longer in a place of being forced to be subservient to them, yet the painful energetic cords that bind us together from the past were still there causing me to feel helpless and powerless.

With this knowledge, Kate and I then proceeded to a magical session where Archangel Michael and his angels of mercy came to help me cut these cords. When the cords were disconnected from me it felt as though a physical weight was lifted from my body. My cells reinvented a new DNA that no longer carried the history of my lifetimes involving my oppressors. I was freed! Free to stay where I was, in my home, claiming my own power back!

Needless to say, it has been a bit of a fun ride adjusting to these new feelings, embracing my power without allowing it to be too strong and working on finding enough love to accept these people as they are. I have used the tools Kate shared with me and created a firm foundation of balance and love. As a result others have no impact on me or control over me. I'm happy and secure in who I am and my place in my world. Also, as promised by my angels, I have been sent earth angels to support me and help me bring the change of love and light to my household!

I wish anyone who struggles with a situation or relationship the strength to open their heart to the opportunity to reclaim their power and create love and joy as their life path. All I can say is thank God for Kate!

~Jeanne Thunin

The opportunity to participate in the Virtual VIP Day with Kate came at a time in my life that I was looking for a life line. As a spiritual practitioner and teacher I teach others how to create a better life, but I was stuck in my own human-ness. There were things going on in my life that I knew I needed to address, but I kept putting everything else ahead of my own joy and happiness. "I just kept going" - and as a result I was suffering. I was stuck on the rollercoaster of living, but I wasn't living - I was merely existing, stuck in the life I created, yearning for happiness. I was asking for help and the virtual day with Kate appeared!

When Kate told me about the virtual VIP Day with her, I could feel through the loving energy of her voice that this day with her would not only help me, but be life changing and I was right!

Changes began immediately when I answered the questions on the application for the program. As I formulated my answers, the source of my being stuck began to come into focus and hope filled my heart. I knew I was getting closer to the ability to create a more loving life. I was so excited at this glimpse of being limitless that my day with Kate could not come fast enough!

During our day together, Kate was completely focused on me and my expansion into awareness with unconditional love - without judgment. She held the space for me to fully commit to truly looking deeply at my issues and addressing them from a safe place of love. As we worked with my angels and guides, past life events and beliefs were revealed that no longer serve me in my life today. Kate gently, lovingly supported me as I faced and released the guilt and unforgiveness that had been holding me back from joy and happiness for years!

When our time together had completed, I was empowered and soaring from a firm foundation of confidence and deep inner strength - a place where the pain of the past no longer lingered. The day with Kate took me to a new level of understanding my own power of creation and perception. I now know and understand how to get clear on the life I want to live and I use the tools I learned one-on-one with Kate and from my Tool Bag to create more loving relationships with people, my work - all areas of my life.

A true course of happiness within me has been revealed. I am no longer lost in the drama of other people's lives. I understand the balance and importance of using my tools to put my needs first from a foundation of love. I've let go of guilt that I've carried for years and now stand in my authentic self shoes without apology - it is ok to be me!

By tapping into my power, Kate and I paved the way for me to stay in my truth, own where I am in any given moment, set boundaries and be ok when those around me aren't. I can now be compassionate and supportive of others and not be drawn into the negativity of their drama - I'm active instead of re-active.

I've released preconceived ideas of the behavior and power of others to define my level of happiness. As a result, my family relationships are healing at a deep soul level. The healing began with my shift of consciousness from being a victim to taking responsibility for creating my reality. I now see and understand fully that I am truly limitless in creating the level of joy and happiness that I can experience!

If you're tired of being stuck and are willing to create a new, exciting life, don't put yourself last - again - and keep waiting! I encourage you to answer the questions on the Virtual VIP Day application and begin your magical transformation with Kate!

~June Fagan,

When Kate first told me about the VIP day I was extremely excited to schedule time with her. I knew with Kate’s help I would unravel, face and heal my biggest challenges and fears. Although I was excited about the day, I found it difficult to plan a day just for me without distractions, proving one of my biggest challenges was balance and boundaries!

Kate provided tools and techniques to help me find balance and peace in my life. I have learned to take a step back and ask myself “what is it that I need for me?” and then to sit quietly to hear the answer. This has been a work in progress as I have been programmed to center my life on the needs of others putting myself last. The work that Kate did with me helped tremendously. I am learning to balance my professional and personal life and see myself as valuable and important!

As part of the day, I was given a Goddess Tool Bag chock-filled with surprises! I felt special when I received it! The beautifully decorated bag, CDs, Journal, Gift Certificate, Encouraging and Heartfelt notes, Affirmation book, etc. was more than I expected. I continue to use these great gifts as I continue to grow and develop myself.

The time, energy and most of all the LOVE that Kate put into this day has transcended time and space continuing to support me as I walk my life path. The day turned out to be so much more than I ever imagined as we created a firm foundation for me to expand my awareness of my ability to create life situations and relationships that I want. You cannot help but feel SPECIAL during this one-on-one time with Kate!

She created this magnificent day for me and I am grateful that she provided a safe, sacred space which allowed me to delve into, address and release the restrictive thoughts, beliefs, etc. that have been holding me back. I am implementing many of the tools and techniques that Kate provided and feel so much more empowered with the choices I am making to create balance in my life. I am so much happier and at peace since experiencing this magical day that keeps on giving! Our time together fulfilled my needs and was so much more than I had hoped for! I recommend the Virtual VIP Day with Kate to anyone who is ready and willing to experience results immediately!

~Tracy Mignone,


Angel Readings, Products & Classes

I learned about you and your work through the Game of Life Workbook, which, as a huge Florence Scovel Shinn fan, I LOVED. In my “square” three of the four quadrants are great but my love life has never been happy other than the love of my family and friends. I listened to the recording of the program and worked with the new moon blueprint - and 3 remarkable things occurred:

1) I’ve been doing other work in the area of manifesting relationship (eg/ Ariel Ford’s Soulmate Secret, Calling in the One) and all of these programs say “Believe you have the thing you want”. But none of these things resonated to me; I just couldn’t find an action step to take that really resonated or worked for me. Until I was working with your program and the blueprint. When going out, I felt a very strong message to dress as if I'm meeting the my love of my life so as to create the feeling of expectancy of having the man of my dreams in my life. This was the first thing that really seemed to work for me in terms of “creating the feeling” and I’ve tried plenty – for months!!!

2) I had a fire, from a candle, in my apartment 5 years ago.  A few days after the fire occurred, I learned that a man who was the love of my life had met another woman. ...2 very painful events to recover from and they both scarred me badly. When I put on your recording, I felt a strong urge to get a candle and light it. I was terrified to do this, because it rekindled the pain of the fire and betrayal – like the woman who quailed when there was a ladder in her pathway (in the Game of Life). But I did it and the message seemed to be, “OK – you were badly hurt before from this. You’re afraid to do it again. But have the courage to do it again.” – which seemed to relate to my love life every bit as much as the fire.

3) One of the chapters of Ariel’s Soulmate Secret talks about making a list of qualities you want in your mate and releasing those to the universe. I have made these lists in the past and I’m very clear on what I want in a man. Ariel suggests that people burn the list afterwards to symbolically release it and send it up to God to deliver. But because of my fire, I’d never do that. She said that as an alternative, you could tie the list to a red helium balloon and release it. This is what I’d been thinking about before listening to your recorded program - where I could get a red balloon and whether it would be ok to release it in the park? After listening to your recording and visualizing being in a happy relationship, I opened my eyes and across the street were two men carrying about 100 red helium balloons in nets walking right in front of my window!! I realized that this was what Florence would call, "an unmistakable sign." These balloons were meant to release my wishes to the universe and I didn’t have to go and get one and send it up in the park. It was done.

Two days later, at a business reception, I met the first man who has interested me in over a year.  I'm not going to say that he's "the divine selection," but I was amazed at how my energy is shifting and I'm already seeing amazing results from the program.

I clearly have access to my prosperity portal for love, now!

Thank you, Kate!

Much love,

The New Moon program connected me with my angels in a magnificent way and helped me get clarity on not only what I want, but most importantly, the action steps to create what I want!t"> In deepest gratitude,

I just participated in your New Moon Prosperity program. Thank you - it was, as all your programs are, just incredible - So Powerful and Uplifting!>

Sending you unlimited love, light and gratitude,

Participated in your New Moon ceremony... priceless... how do you do it... so natural and easy!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I want to say that Kate’s Sacred Space Meditation really works! I played it and visualized visiting with my deceased husband on the garden bench. I actually saw him in my mind’s eye and had an entire conversation with him. I recommend it to anyone who wants a meditation to connect them with a loved one, guardian angel, or spirit guide.


Waiting in the Other Room is one of the most remarkable books about spirit communication that I have ever read, and I have read many from authors such as James Van Praagh to Sylvia Browne.  What makes this book remarkable is that Kate Speakes-Large was not a psychic medium from birth - she purposefully learned how to communicate with the angelic realm as an adult. This book is a heart-stopping page-turner. Once I started, I simply could NOT put it down. With each new story of contact from the Kate's dad in the spirit realm, the reader will feel reassured, comforted and elated with the knowledge that our loved ones who have passed are so close. After reading a chapter I turned to my husband and said, "I just want to know 2 things, when you get there: a) will you be pleasantly surprised and b) can I say 'I told you so!'?" Written in a most empathetic and heart-filled way, Ms. Large does not make light of the fact that the pain of losing a loved one's physical body to death is something that is real, deep and more painful that anyone going through it can express while her stories of life after life will bring laughter, tears, hope, reassurance and ultimately relief. This book makes a most sensitive gift to anyone who has lost a loved one. Bravo to Kate Large, and 5 stars to Waiting in the Other Room.
~ Sally Shields, speaker, radio personality, publicity specialist and author of the #1 bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules!

Her name is Kathryn Speakes-Large and that is exactly what she does in her amazing book. Kate is a beautiful Light Worker and Amazing Teacher. In her down to earth words you can feel the touch of the Holy Spirit. Once I started reading I found myself laughing, crying and unable to put the book down. Waiting in the Other Room is a must read for anyone who questions death and the afterlife. Open your heart and your mind to this powerful message from God.
~ Lisa Reed - Hurtt Intuitive LiveStyle Coach
Author of
"Divinely Blessed"  A journey of light!

This is a beautifully written book that caused me to laugh, cry and be reminded once again that death is just an open door into a profoundly loving new adventure. This poignant story tells of the after-death communication between a father and daughter, and invites the reader to come along and be delighted, touched and comforted through sharing in their journey. Both Kate and Big Jim write with the utmost sincerity and lots of humor, and their experiences will definitely give you pause for reflection. allow this wonderful book to help you discover the serenity in knowing that your loved ones are, indeed, just waiting happily in the other room. A book to be treasured and read regularly! Thank you, Kate!
~ Kim Loftis

This is a very heart felt book, very hard to put down.  I have friends waiting in line to read, having a hard time not to share from the book, do not want to spoil their experience!
~ Diana F. BC, Canada

Dear Kate,
Waiting in the Other Room
is the most inspiring & uplifting read I have embraced in a while! I absolutely love it & thank you for your love!!!! Thank you for your gifts to humanity... Thank you for the gentle reminders of & from our loved ones passed... it is so comforting & re-assuring for the soul - to not only be reminded but to know & be assured that no matter what one may endure - they are always with us... that we are never, never unaided... It is just beautiful Kate!!! Absolutely beautiful!!
~ April Colón-Pagán

Facing the loss of a loved one is the hardest thing that we will ever have to do during our earthly existence. But, once we realize that our loved one’s spirits are alive and well and eager to communicate with us our broken hearts can begin the healing process. In Waiting in the Other Room Kathryn openly shares her after death communications with her father Big Jim. She discusses the everyday signs of his existence that she receives and I couldn’t help but feel the closeness of their relationship as I read the often humorous accounts of their conversations. Waiting in the Other Room will touch your heart and soul as Big Jim shares insights about life here on earth from a heavenly perspective with his daughter; as only a father could do.

Kathryn’s spiritual understanding and her literary talent come together to create a magnificent and beautiful accounting of how our loved ones remain a part of our life even after death of the physical body. I found Waiting in the Other Room to be perceptive, healing, humorous, and to put it quite simply a book that you must read!
~ Paula M. Ezop

All of us are curious about our spirituality, especially in the loss o f a loved one. We can accept they are in a better place, but …..the “separation” is the hard part. We need all the help and comfort we can get to heal. Kate Speakes-Large can help and enlighten you with these difficult passages in our lives. Whether you believe or not, we are not alone. Spirit, however you call yours, is there and “Waiting in the Other Room.” I thrive on the messages and words she puts out there to help us know, ‘There is a bigger picture’.
~ Mary Reilly CA

Kate’s wisdom and special gifts of insight into the human heart and soul have once again shone through in this book. She has given us a glimpse of what has made her strong and has invited us all to share part of her. Grief is a very difficult path to walk on ones own. With Kate, Big Jim and our Angelic Entourage's help this path will be made much smoother, our steps illuminated and we will have the wonderful knowledge that out loved ones truly are 'just waiting in the other room.' This is a book to be read over and over again. Each time I read it I always seem to find just the right words I needed to hear at that moment in my life whether it be from Kate or Big Jim (Thanks Big Jim). Thank you, Kate, for allowing me to be part of this very special book.
~ Janet Coyle Australia

Kate shares her experiences of her journey with loved ones and angels from across the veil. In a gentle, and ever loving way Kate offers insight and confirmation that our spirit indeed lives on after death and those we have known and loved are still very close to us only in another dimension. When we lose a loved one there may be unanswered questions we would have liked to have had addressed to the deceased either before or after their passing. "Waiting in the Other Room" provides the guidance to make the connection with our loved ones on the other side, helping the reader bring closure to any unfinished business. Once the bond of communication is established we can continue to build a relationship even though our loved ones are not physically present. This is just as true for a relationship with our angels, the bridge between us and God.
~ Martha Zetter CA

“At some point in our lives we all experience a fear of death. We ask the question, what really happens to us when we die? Do we go to heaven? To hell? Do we remain buried or roam in unrest for eternity? Within these pages Kate and her father, Big Jim, show us through continued experiences that the human spirit lives after death of the body, because love never dies. The message within is of hope fulfilled and loved ones reunited after the last breath is spent. I highly recommend reading this gift of love to aid in dissipating fear of death and to open the door to continued communication with loved ones who are deceased.”
~ Trudy Griswold,

Kate’s book Waiting in the Other Room is extremely helpful to any one who has lost a loved one and wondered whether they could connect with them on the other side of the veil. I had been told that daily meditation could connect you to the spirit world, so I prayed and meditated daily in an attempt to connect with the deceased husband whom I had been married to for 34 years when he died of cancer. After some time had passed, I started hearing a voice in my head that talked to me just like he used to, but I wondered if I was just imagining it or my mind was playing tricks on me. After reading Kate’s book and her experiences with her dad, I realized that I am really hearing my deceased husband. He even teases me about my lousy driving skills – like he did when he was alive. I highly recommend Kate’s book. It is well worth reading and buying.
~ Donna Roberts

Kate is my mom and as such we don't always see eye to eye. I believe in what she does, partly because her work is dedicated to helping others, but also because her "job" makes her happy and not many people can say that these days. When mom told me she was writing a book with my deceased grandpa I thought it was great, she was going to be an author. But when they finished the book it sat on my shelf for weeks. While cleaning my room I picked up the book and decided it was time to sit down and read what mom and grandpa had to say. As I read the book I was blown away - I discovered validation! After my grandpa (Big Jim) passed away I felt this amazing connection with him that I never felt when he was in physical form because he lived in another state. I never understood how I could feel this kind of connection with someone I really didn't even know when they were living. I had been asking myself where this feeling was coming from since 2005. Reading Waiting in the Other Room answered the questions I had been asking myself for four years. My connection with Big Jim was a gift that I could not receive while he was living. He is now the one whispering in my ear when I ask for advice or need help. He finally has the chance to be my grandpa!  Even though my mom had been telling me... reading Waiting in the Other Room truly gave me the comfort of knowing that I am never alone. Grandpa and my entourage are always with me... just Waiting in the Other Room!!
~ Jessi Large,

Dear Kate,
This is absolutely the most beautiful reading! It is so helpful to me at this time in my life, facing life decisions, moving to a new area of California, leaving old relationships behind and forging new ones in my new area. It is exciting and also a bit fearful - this message helps me to drop all fear and look only to the glorious future with joy and anticipation! Thank you so much for relaying it to me so perfectly....I will treasure it and save it carefully so I can refer to it often whenever I need a 'boost' of love and self-confidence to see me through any shadowy times.

It looks to be all rainbow light and love ;-)

Hi Kate,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the reading, and it resonated with me. I am a special education teacher, but never considered myself as a leader. I am one of sorts because I have to manage my classroom and students, although sometimes I feel that I am not as strong of a leader as I could be.

Thanks much for the enlightening reading.

Hi Kate,
Thank You so much for such a wonderful angel reading. It is very comforting to know that angels are with us all the time and we can call upon them for help. What a gift god has given you for you to be able to do this. Thank You again and I look forward to another reading in the future.


Dear Kate,
Thank you for my follow-up reading. It was so nice that you remembered me! Your being able to compare notes with where I
was with where I am now was helpful. That you saw progress both physically and spiritually was reassuring.

It was interesting that you picked up on something that I had noticed recently. I haven't felt the presence of my angels in the
same way that I did. It is different now, and there have been times when I felt like I was communicating with no one.

Energetically, I feel like I'm in resonance and in sync with what Spirit and the angels told you to tell me.

Many thanks, Kate, and great big angel hugs for the reading!
A. :-)

You are an earth angel! How can I thank you enough for helping me "see" what is now before me. Now I know what a soul kiss and hug from Spirit feels like! I'm in tears because it's such a profound experience. This is such a "wow" moment, I don't know what else to say.

Thank you so much for being there for me and for helping guide me on the way.

Much love and joy!
A. :)

Thank you so much for the reading with my angels! I will follow this guidance to the best of my ability. You truly are a blessing in my life, and my family members that I forward your daily messages to. Everything that was in my reading is true, concerning a family member who has held me down for years and we haven't talked in a month. I know I have to forgive, I guess I was feeling like I was the victim of her attacking me constantly over the years. Which is true. I feel at this point in my life that I have to let her go. As to the other person which is a very dear friend of mine is getting married to a person that she doesn't love and it is all about materialistic things and money. They are a very toxic relationship and I try to tell her these things but she doesn't listen. I'm going to the wedding which is just going to be immediate family and me. I just want to be there for her incase she decides not to go through with it. I do love her dearly even though I don't understand why she stays with someone who has hurt her so many times over the years. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you connecting to my angels. I talk to them all the time and pray for my family and friends and others. God Bless you Kate always and forever!


Hello Kate,

Thank you so much! The information is wonderful. So much for me to ponder. I will read it over many times.


Greetings Kate!
I hope this email finds you well and blessed. I wanted to let you know what has been happening in my life since our reading together. It was a matter of just a few more days until I shifted completely into love source. The reading with you facilitated the shift which has begun drawing my dreams and intentions to me like a magnet! My life now, is truly amazing.

I am happier than I have ever been and equally as important, I now feel safe here on our Planet Earth Mother Gaia. Thank you so much for what you do. You have facilitated a shift grander, of course, than ANYTHING I could have imagined. God and his Angels are, indeed, GREAT!

Love, Light and Peace be with you this day and always.

Dear Kate, I received this most wonderful reading and of course it was Spot On again. I was being guided to get a "tune-up." Thank you so much for your tremendous help in this reading. Sometimes it takes someone else speaking with them, and offering clarity and validation to shift me back to having faith and trust in what I am receiving. To get me out of that fear that is sweeping the planet.

Vaya Con Dios.
May Love, Light and Peace be with you always Dear One.

Hi Kate,
I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed our time together immensely. I have never had a reading that I felt was on such a spiritual level. I know that's what I have been looking for. I wasn't looking for earthly type answers as much as my spiritual mission. You answered that for me so beautifully. I really felt everything in my heart and like I said, I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off of me. I know that can sound like a cliché sometimes, but I didn't realize how weighed down I was with worry and not knowing where I was supposed to go from here.

I downloaded the reading, meditation and the first tool in the kit. Thank you so much for gifting me with this wonderful opportunity to grow. I was always afraid I was too old to have much of a mission left, but I realize it's ok and my mission begins now!

I felt a real connection with you, too, and I would have enjoyed talking with you even longer. Your gift is very precious and I would enjoy learning more about you and how you learned about your gift and were able to develop it.

I'm going to check on Blog Talk and see if I can download some of your shows, too. I know I'll learn more there, too. Thank you again, Kate, and I will keep in touch as things begin to manifest!

Take care. Hugs,

Since I received my email message from Kate, I've had to sit with it and just process the message several times. Every time I read her words, I'm amazed. Kate's beautifully channeled and written message couldn't have hit any closer to being on-point about what I need to know right now. It is difficult to express how wonderfully reassuring her message has been and how much it has meant to me. All I can say is my deepest, most heart-felt thank you, Kate. You are an angel!
Anita M

I can't stop thinking about what a beautiful hour I had with you and my Angels, Thomas and Reginold. I believe my "groupies" are Pixies and they've admitted to hiding many a book the mischievous little pranksters! Aaaarrg, I'm trying to set ground rules.......

I just read the newsletter about John Denver and want to say thanks for sharing that. He was THE Big Deal in my husbands and my early years together and we still watch his Christmas Special every year and I still cry buckets every time. Both he and John Lennon had the Christ energy in them and were so special.

Thank you again!!!
Sue Smith

Dear Kate,
A few weeks ago you did a reading for me and it was brilliant!

Many thanks!

Dear Kate,
I received the email reading and read it on the solstice and it was really a heart-opening experience. Everything you conveyed really resonated with me. You mentioned about seeing me in a garden, and I do feel more myself when I am in nature. You mentioned writing in a journal and I recently started doing that as a way to connect to my divine guidance. All the things the angels conveyed touched me deeply. I really felt their love and support. Their remarks were very encouraging to me.

I have been receiving many angel "signs" and been more open to their whispers of guidance when things are brought to my attention as guidance to pursue something or to help me with a decision. It's still definitely a learning curve to write to my guides and then wait to hear their response. Some days it's effortless and some days I get nothing. I'm not discouraged because I know I'm still learning their "language".

Thank you again and much love and light to you.

Hi Kate,
I wanted to thank you for the angel reading, and wanted you to know it resonated with my life at this time. I have allowed fear to rule my thoughts and have found it difficult to feel the joy in the journey these past months. Your message reminds me of the help that is available, and I have only to ask for it.

Your work is truly blessed, Kate.

I felt my reading was very accurate. The issue of my journaling is a recurring thing from several sources in the last few
months. But I have a massive block or phobia about writing I am not totally sure why. But I think I will give it a try to
reach my Angels. (punctuation and grammar were not my strong suites.

The reading is like beautiful poetry. I told you nothing but you revealed so much what is going on. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I recently had a "reading' with Kate and my Angels. The experience with Kate herself was angelic and left me in a state of bliss. I now know I AM SURROUNDED WITH LOVE AND SUPPORT. It felt so good! And... that's when you know you are connected.

We are in a world where we want so much to find our answers. Kate's help with this in my life was HUGE. I had a breakthrough in regards to my karmic journey. I learned that since the age of four, my theme has been about "obligation." That is, obligation to everyone except me.

I'm at a crossroad now and I'm turning right. Right to me. Everyday now I seem to be having an experience where I can choose to keep my power. I am learning the biggest lesson of all- how to love myself. What a concept!!!
As the song goes..."I Can See Clearly Now." Love it.

Thank you Kate, with all my heart.
Mary R.

Hi Kate

I just wanted to thank you for this amazing reading - it really was profound and inspiring to read - and interestingly enough - I am heading to Yosemite this weekend - so I will be in nature - and have time to reflect on the many positive paths in front of me.




WOW. You have given me such a wonderful gift today. I agree that I do have a special group with me. I have always "felt" them and now even more so with Billy being among them. I am overjoyed with the reading and will practice the message.

A heartfelt THANK YOU!

Hi Kate,

Thank you for a perfect reading. I do live near the ocean and had just gone a few days before the reading. I had told myself that I needed to keep going back because I felt so good had been a long time since I had been to the ocean. Everything you wrote resonated deeply with me. It was a beautiful validation.

Hugs and aloha,


I felt the angel reading was very accurate. The issue of my journaling is a recurring thing from several sources in the last few months. But I have a massive block or phobia about writing I am not totally sure why. But I think I will give it a try to reach my Angels. (punctuation and grammar were not my strong suites)


Hi Kate,

Thank you so much for your angel reading. Everything you said was spot on and really resonated with me. I felt such a great sense of comfort after reading your words and am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. I intend to pursue your suggestions on achieving a greater calm and peace of mind.

Thanks so much & take good care,


Thank you for my angel reading. It was right on and I will take my message and really pay attention from now on. You have a gift, thanks for sharing it with me.


Thank you so much Kate - beautiful message!


Hello Kate,

Thank you so so much for the angel reading. I've found it so comforting and helpful and it couldn't have come at a better time in my life. I appreciate your words and advice on how to move forward to a happier life. I have been hoping to connect with my guardian angels for some time now and look forward to using the meditation.

Thanks again,

Hi Kate,

Thank you so much for the reading! I've read it briefly and haven't had time to really look at it until now. As always, I get such joy from my readings from you.

Again, thanks so much for your reading, I value all the work you do so much, it is a part of my daily life, so thank you so much for all you do Kate!!!


Hi Kate,

Thank-you so much for the reading! Your message definitely has meaning for me, and I have also been knowing I need to get outside in nature more.


I wholeheartedly recommend a reading session with Kate. The combination of the cards messages and channeled angel guidance is truly enlightening. I received guidance in the areas of my life that I have been pondering and the session resulted in my being focused on future action and empowered to move toward success. Kate’s caring demeanor and commitment to working with and helping others is truly refreshing. She has found her calling and those of us who have the opportunity to work with her are truly blessed.


Dear Kate,

Thank you for sending this reading - I loved it. It made me cry right away, just because I thought you 'knew' me and recognized who I am. Also, that the the angels 'know''s nice to be acknowledged, and also to receive guidance!

I'm so happy that I have 'met' you....I know that I can contact you any time in the future for angelic guidance and assistance - it is comforting to know in these times of increasing change, challenge and uncertainty.
Thank you so much, Kate, for all the light and love you have brought to me; I feel immensely supported by you, all the angels around me, and Jesus.

with love and appreciation for you,

Hi Kate,

Thank you so much for the angel reading. I am so happy that my angels can share with you. It is a powerful message for me. I needed it. Thank you Kate for you have helped me confirm the angels helping me, In what areas I need to work on and to be truly grateful for the beautiful messages. I appreciate the help. God bless you and the work you do.

With love and prayers,

Dear Kate,

Thank you for such a wonderful and detailed message from all the angels who are with me. I am so inspired and uplifted by their guidance and direction. I was headed for a divorce, but through prayer, introspection and divine guidance, my husband and I are going to give our marriage another chance. This angelic message supports our decision completely! I feel encouraged and supported to open a new door to a new life, leaving negativity behind.

In gratitude to you, the angels, and Jesus,

Dear Kate,

Thank you so very much - not just for my personal reading - but for putting your Love action with your readings. I am so profoundly inspired by the words and the message you have channeled for me. It is a most precious skill that you so lovingly choose to share with others, like me, seeking clarity and Guidance. Through you I have heard what my angels have said, and I will follow the advice given to me with faith and enthusiasm!

Blessings to you in love and gratitude...

Dear Kate,

Wow! I know angels are around us constantly, but how comforting it was to receive a personal message from them through Kate to confirm that they indeed are close by and are sending us messages which manifest as our intuition or gut feelings. Since I am not a person who is able to relax long enough to be able to easily listen to angel communication, I’m glad Kate has the ability to do it for me. Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of the powerful message dictated by the angels to Kate, “You are a crowd.”

Kathy Quinn

Dear Kate,

I just wanted to thank you for an enchanting reading. I loved it.  This new addition to your soulkisses is wonderful and I feel honored that I was one of the first to receive such a great reading.

With angel hugs,
Agnes Davis


Your angel reading has opened my eyes and has inspired me. I want to thank you so much for your time and help!

Regards, Peter M. Manjuck

Dear Kate,

You provide wonderful angelic input for our lives which gives us so much joy and upliftment! Thank you for your service to all of us, Kate.


Kate has a keen gift of talking with the angels.  She has done an incredible job of passing these messages on.  They have been dead on each time and have given me a strong sense of peace and comfort.

Lisa Halcomb

Receiving an angel reading from you, Kate, has given me great insight into my world. Not only was your reading quite accurate but it gave me the opportunity to look at some situations through different eyes. I see much clearer now. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of having a reading and sharing your special gift with me. I look forward to the next reading.




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