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The Prosperity Tool Kit is a series of 20 practical easy tools to help make this time of transformation easier.  The tool kit tools are in audio format with an exercise manual for a multi-sensory learning experience! 

Each audio begins with a positive affirmation, then information about the tool is given and an exercise to anchor and implement the tool in your life.  Most of the tools also include additional recommended resources.




Field of Potentiality
Willing to Change
Thoughts are Energy
Take Responsibility/Victim Mentality
As One with God/Soul Purpose
Powerful Master Creator
Failure is an Illusion
Set Your Intention
The New Paradigm

Identifying Resistance
The Power in Being an Observer
Journaling to Heal Within
Living In the Moment
The Energy of "Asking" & "Wanting"
The Energy of Money
Perfection in All Things
The Golden Opportunity of Inharmonious Relationships
Forgiveness, the Key to Love Source
The Power of Gratitude

This program is quick, easy and deeply healing
 each audio is only 4-8 minutes long!

Bonus Meditations:

Healing Circle of Love
as given by Princess Diana
and Mother Teresa

The Healing Trilogy (3 meditations):
Forgive the Unforgiven

The Power of Gratitude meditation in the last tool...
PLUS... you will receive the Prosperity Journaling Page and
Universal Supply Warehouse Order Form in a few of the exercises!

Prosperity Tool Kit
Digital Download Bundle: $77.00

Note:  If you need a CD, please contact Kate.

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