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Angelic Gifts in Photographs

We receive angelic guidance, support and assistance in many forms.  When we allow ourselves to have "the eyes to see," we may receive blessed gifts from the world around us.  We welcome you to click into the pages below to experience photos with gifts from the angelic realm. 

You will find photographs shared by the Soul Kisses family as well as photographs from Kate's private collection.  There are a few photographs submitted to Kate by others that we do not know who took the original photograph.  If you know the photographer is, please let us know so we can give them credit.  If you have an image you would like to share, please email it to Kate at the email address provided below in the footer of the page.

Cloud Photographs

Gifts through the clouds floating overhead are blessings indeed that are of our own interpretation - how we see them through our eyes.

Santa Cloud? Jesus on the Cross
Rainbow Angel in the Clouds Angel in the Clouds
Images in the Clouds Cloud Angel - What is the Angel Doing?
What do you see in the Clouds? Kari's Cloud Angels from Norway
Spirit Cloud  
Majik Angel  

Gifts from Spirit in Photographs

We welcome you to click into the pages below to experience photos with gifts from the angelic realm in unexpected ways.

Fairy Family? Dragonfly Photo Shoot
Fairies? Two Big Jim's Morning Glories
Jesus of the Sacred Heart Michelle's Heart from the Angels in Peru
God's Creatures Sharing "Good Morning" Love from Big Jim
Angel in the Amethyst Mother and Child
Rainbow in the Spider Web  

Photographs of Faces in Unexpected Places

As humans our brains tend to give "faces" to objects that do not have faces.  Take a look at the following pages and discern if you see a "face."
Mt Rushmore, South Dakota Michelle's Heart from the Angels in Peru
Glenwood Cat Man in the Tree Trunk
Face in the Rock Arizona Cactus View of the Physical World

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