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Help in a Fire...

This incident is not so laughable as helping the pigs in Angels and Pigs... - but my life was spared because of the intervention I received by my guardian angel.

It was Boxing Day morning very early (5:00a.m.) I lived in a 12 story high-rise - and unfortunately a fire broke out in the basement of the building. I lived on the 6th floor - I also had a roommate.  I awoke to hear some commotion in the hallway - and went to the door to see what was the matter - I was met by a haze of grey smoke when I opened the door - realizing we had better get the cats and leave - we tried to do that - I put my cat in a duffel bag that I had splashed water in and over - grabbed my coat and ran down the hall with the cat in the bag.

I opened the end stairwell door and started to descend - the smoke was getting thicker and thicker - I kept going - and I knew I was near the ground level - all I could do was hold onto the railing for guidance - I could see nothing but black smoke.

All of the sudden a voice right in front of me said "Elaine... Do you really want to die"?? I shouted out "No"... then I turned around and instantly headed back up the stairwell - I heard a voice up above me saying "Elaine... you can't go that way" I followed the voice up to the top (which turned out to be the 3rd floor) - I was just half a flight of stairs away from the fire itself in the basement when I descended!

My roommate met me at the 3rd floor stairwell door, and said that we where trapped in the building... there where 6 of us with our pets stranded out on the balcony of someone's apartment for 2 hours until the smoke had subsided enough for us to exit the building.

Hours later we where given permission to return to our apartment, and I was shaking at the thought that I almost opened the door at the bottom of that stairwell exactly where the fire was burning.  I was spoken to by my guardian angel whose voice was a clear and concise as anything I have ever heard.  Once again - I gave thanks for the guidance that was provided for me that day.

As I said before - we are never alone!

Elaine Lang

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