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Soul Kisses Screen Saver!

Soul Kisses are healing, empowering physical world tools.  We developed the screen saver to remind you moment by moment how valuable, important and powerful you are.  Scroll and click through our selection!  At this time we have eight screen savers to select from for a small fee - four with music and four without!  We also offer the Love Never Dies screen saver available as a gift to you from us. 

The following screen savers are available for $4.95:
Waterfalls and Soul Kisses
Hand Planted Gems I and Soul Kisses
Hand Planted Gems II and Soul Kisses
Backyard Treasures and Soul Kisses

When you order one of these comforting screen savers you will receive one with music and one without.  The beautiful music is by Dan McClerren of Earth Angel Music

The Waterfall screen saver takes you to twenty different locations in nature and displays a soul kiss in the scenery - each one rotates randomly.  The fabulous photographer is Chris of North Carolina.  You may visit his website at

The Backyarad Treasures, Hand Planted Gems I and II screen savers displays twenty different images of Soul Kisses nested with flowers that rotate randomly.  These flowers graced my backyard and my neighborhood.

You may download the Soul Kisses Screen Savers for the low fee of $4.95 each.  PayPal supplies our secure server.  After completing your payment at PayPal, you will be redirected back to the Soul Kisses website to download your new screen saver.  Upon returning, double click the screen saver link and "save" it to your computer.  Once the download is complete, choose "Install" and click ok.  Your new screen saver will display when your monitor goes into screen saver mode!  It's that easy!

Waterfalls and Soul Kisses!
20 beautiful
Soul Kisses in nature images!

Click on the image for a preview
of the  screen savor images.


Hand Planted Gems I
and Soul Kisses!

20 beautiful
Soul Kisses nestled in flowers!

Click on the image for a preview
of the screen saver images.

Screen Saver music is by Dan McClerren.  Order his CD by clicking the image!



Backyard Treasures
and Soul Kisses!
15 beautiful
Soul Kisses with backyard treasures!

Click on the image for a preview
of the screen saver images.


Hand Planted Gems II
and Soul Kisses!

20 beautiful
Soul Kisses nestled in flowers!

Click on the image for a preview
of the screen saver images.

Soul Kisses
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May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after! 

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