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Soul Kisses Newsletter March  2007

Message from Kate
Message from Big Jim
Info for those who need help with Bookkeeping!
The Key Angel Story
Book Review:  The Light Within


Message from Kate
Welcome to the March Soul Kisses Newsletter!  The following article has a surprising twist - a gift from God...

Fred and I recently took a trip to Gypsum, Colorado to check on the status of a construction site.  Majik, the Wonder Poodle, went with us.  The construction site was, of course, in a snow covered meadow.  When we were ready to leave, we noticed four dear at the end of the road so we drove down to take their picture.  Fred came to a stop and I leaned out the window to snap pictures - Majik was sitting on my lap watching.  The deer became skittish and turned to bolt.  Unexpectedly young Majik's animal instincts clicked in and my eleven pound poodle jumped out the truck window and skimmed over the snow covered ground, feet barely touching, running like a black rocket toward the deer.

Needless to say, we too jumped out of the truck and called him back.  But he wasn't listening, Young Majik was now Howling Coyote, Deer Hunter...  The deer kept running toward the mountains and Majik was hot on their trail.  The deer went down in a draw and came up the other side - Majik went down in the draw and didn't.

Fred hiked out to where he disappeared.  Majik was in the bottom of the draw sniffing.  Of course he was told to "get to the truck."  He came up out of the draw running toward me as fast as he could.  Fortunately I had a towel for him.  He jumped in my arms and I demanded, "What were you thinking?"

His entire body was excitement!  He kept exclaiming "Deer! Deer! Deer!"

This experience could have turned out disastrously, but it didn't.  I share this with you because after I calmed down and held him safe, I took a moment to reflect on what happened from a spiritual point of view. 

I looked across the meadow, covered with snow - deer in the far distance (thank God) and allowed myself to become one with this beautiful spot in nature.  Ground had not been broken for the golf course or the many other homes.  With my back to the three homes that were in various stages of construction, I could feel God there - and so did Majik.

Even though Majik is a little guy and the deer outweighed him by hundreds of pounds, he jumped right out there and became one with a field of snow and deer - one with nature - the essence of God - with reckless abandon - free with God - in belief and trust - being what his little spirit is - a dog with the opportunity to chase deer.

Even though this experience was terrifying at first (lap dogs should never jump from a truck window, much less chase animals at least ten times their weight) it culminated with the most awestruck feeling of oneness with God.  It was a blessed gift, that I will never forget (for many reasons).

When was the last time you felt free with God? 

Dear Children,

It took young Howling Coyote, to open Kate's eyes to the real beauty of what was around her. 

You too can experience the love of Mother Earth.  At every given opportunity, allow yourselves to feel the soil and grass between your toes.  Allow yourselves to experience the life force of Mother Earth.  Sit near a tree and feel its strength, its power.

Open your heart to the true beauty and vibrancy of Mother Earth's gifts.  Even if you are in the city and have but one house plant - honor it.  Look into the plant and allow yourself to feel its vivacity and animation.  It is a living thing of God - as are you!

As you go about your days in the physical world, take your nature experiences with you in your archive of love.  Pull from it when you feel yourself having drifted from God, when you feel yourself sucked into the negativity of the physical world...

God is all around you, you need only allow yourself to have the "eyes to see."

Chief Running Bear (Kate's Protector Guide) and angels...

If you have an opportunity to be "one" with nature, with God, don't let it pass you by.  Ask the angels to show you and let you feel God in the earth, in the grass (in the snow) the mountains, the sand, the flowers - whatever it is that is around you.  Allow yourself to revel in the love of it before returning to the physical world of stress and rush.

May each of you reading this be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...
In love and light,

If you've experienced The Secret since the last newsletter, and would like more direction on
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The new ecourse based on The Game of Life and How to Play it
by Florence Scovel Shinn will be released April 2, 2007! 

Message from Big Jim

On March 1st, Big Jim and his skunk Alvin came to visit.  Majik was playing with Alvin, then it was clear that he wanted his Nyla Bone back to himself and hopped onto the sofa.  Something moved over him and he was watching it - I got the camera.

Click the image to view larger Big Jim Alvin

I asked who was here and knew it was my dad.  Others were also present for the family photo shoot.

~~~~~^O^ ~~~~~

A week later he came by while I was raking the yard.  I noticed him when he pointed out to me that I kept knocking my trash bag over.  Of course being the daughter that I am, I in turn pointed out to him that if he would hold the bag, it wouldn't fall over.  His reply was that he didn't care for yard work when he lived here, he wasn't going to do it now, but he would be happy to sit down and watch.  So he did.

While I raked and stuffed construction trash bags, he sat in a chair and watched as he visited with me. 

We talked about living up to our true potential as humans.  Most of our lives are spent surviving - just getting through the list of things we "have" to do today; working, errands, chores, etc.  From Big Jim's point of view, I could see that our days are quite entertaining.  So I asked for practical information to incorporate into my life to make my existence more productive, more serving and of course, more prosperous!

He didn't disappointment me.  First he pointed out to me that the best thing Fred and I can do for our children is teach them by example - because they're always watching us.  They aren't always listening to us, but they're always watching.  Then he told me three things to help us achieve our desires:

1.  organization
2.  be responsible for our own issues, situations, paperwork, responsibilities
3.  look within to discover who we "really are" - discern from within our very essence and not just accept that we are the round or square peg the physical world says we are - physical world being loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc.

He told me that in doing these things we will live up to our true potential - and he's going to make sure I do this!

Our loved ones physical bodies may have expired and are no longer present, but their spirit and love does, indeed move on with us - forever.  Not only are they bonded to us through their love, they have only our highest good at heart and can see "the bigger picture."  You too can connect with your loved one to get "insider information" on the status of your life and how to get to where you really want to be.

~~~~~^O^ ~~~~~

Big Jim and his Harley the day of his funeral along with other experiences
since his transition, October 31, 2005, can be seen and read by clicking HERE.

Big Jim's Transition   :   Where do Dead People Go?

Info for those who need help with Bookkeeping!

Since Big Jim transitioned, my mom, Sue has retired and is embarking on a new, exciting, yet very different phase of her life. It has been challenging, as those of you who have experienced the transition of a loved one know, but he is with her helping her to look within and redefine who she is.

Since retiring, Mom has been helping me with different things and has discovered one of her passions is creating and working with Excel spreadsheets – inserting formulas and organizing numbers so the bottom line totals bring everything together in a neat package.

As a way of nourishing this passion, she has created Sue’s Divine Numbers, with bookkeeping programs designed to fit the budgets and needs of spiritually based businesses.  Some of you reading this have discovered that your passion is your spiritually based business. 

Sue recognizes that in following your passions by stepping out into your own spiritual profession, it is not always easy to understand the processes of the business world. She is available to assist you with the number crunching side of the business to allow you to have more time to devote to your more spiritual point of connection.

If you have a spiritually based business and are challenged by bookkeeping, we welcome you to click into the website to discern which one of the packages will make your business life easier. Sue has over 30 years experience in tracking and recording business expenses and understand your needs.

Being a mom and friend to those who’s soul purpose of their own life passions is working with the spiritual realms, she would be honored to help you track your professional spiritual business today. Email her, she would love to hear from you!

The Key
An experience with a loved one who has transitioned.

I lost my husband a year ago on January 26, 2006 to prostate cancer, after a long and courageous battle.

I would like to share with you my "angel story" that happened while my son was visiting:

Our son flew in from Berlin on Monday, January 15, 2007, to spend time with me and be with me on the anniversary of my beloved husband's death. My son always forgets something, which he and my husband used to joke about. This time, it was a key to his ski case that we bought for him years ago. He told me about it and did not know what he was going to do; because he did not want to break into the nice hard ski case.

He then went downstairs to the bathroom and came back up "holding a little gold key."

He said, "Mom, isn't this the key to my ski case? I know that Dad had one, and I just found it on the carpet going into the bathroom."

We were both stunned, since I vacuumed before he came AND since we had both been into that room many times and did NOT once see it. It was NOT there, trust me! Plus, it is so small, that the vacuum would have sucked it up.

This was just to show us that our beloved David is "still with us" and watching over us! Isn't that amazing? I just cried, and we are both still in shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't it powerful and beautiful? I believe in my heart that my David sent angels to us that day and to show he is still "watching over us."

Littleton, Colorado

You may read of other "angel" experiences by clicking
into Angel Chronicles on the Soul Kisses website. 

Book Review
The Light Within
Poetry and Inspirational Messages
By Elizabeth Haldane Sawtelle

Betty wrote to me about the Soul Kisses newsletter. One email led to another and she mentioned the above book. Little did I know what a compilation of love this book is - it is not just words. Betty has written the messages of the angels and they speak to the reader - they permeate to our essence and fan the flame of light that is the God Part within!

When the book arrived, I couldn't wait to open the package and explore the contents. I flipped through the pages and the book fell open to pages 6-7.  I began to cry... there on page seven, my dear friend Barbara Mark was smiling back at me! And she said:

Oh, Huuuuunnneeeyyyyy, don't cry... (laughing....) You knew you'd see me again!! You'll love this book! There's a message in here for you - you'll know it when you see it!

What's really exciting is that everyone who reads this will find a message for them in it! The angels designed it that way - they're so smart!

Tell Betty, thank you, for all her hard work and effort! And give her my love...

I love you!

Barbara always had a way of making me laugh - ALWAYS! Barbara was right, there is a message in the book for me. You'll have to read the book to find out what Your message is!

The Light Within is a blessed gift for yourself and for others!

~~~~~^O^ ~~~~~

You may click into Betty's website to order the book:

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