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Orbs in Photographs

Many of us are discovering guests in our pictures in the shape of orbs, essences or spheres.  We here at Soul Kisses, believe some of these orbs to be energies of our deceased loved ones, guides, teachers, fairies, angels and ascended masters. 

We welcome you to click into the pages below to experience photos with orbs that we have taken personally as well as photos submitted from the Soul Kisses family.  If you have an image you would like to share, please email it to Kate at the email address provided below in the footer of the page.

Learn how to connect with the orbs in your photographs with the Communicating with Orbs CD or MP3 download.  Learn more in our e-book: Orb Photographs Validated.

Spirit and Orbs Orbs in the Snow
Orb with Faces Colorful Orb with Faces
Pink Orb with the Fairy Majik, Big Jim and Alvin
Majik Notices the Orbs Big Jim and Alvin, Still Together...
Movie Tavern Opening in Colorado Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota
Big Jim June 2010 Indian Guide
Orbs with Jesse Keith's Heart Orb
Kari's Orbs from Norway Kari's Spirit Images from Norway
Kari's Piano Orbs from Norway Kari's Orb Enjoying Soul Kisses!
Unexpected Guests for Dinner Majik Playing with Orb Playmates
Spirit Playing with Majik Double Rainbow Hug from the Other Side
Archangel Metatron The Teacher
Florence Scovel Shinn Great White Spirit
Sedona Arizona, Chapel of the Holy Cross Big Jim Joining Us
Orbs in the Sunset Mary's Garden with Spirit Emanations
Majik and Friends Kate & Michelle's Orbs with Message 
Hail Angels June 7, 2009  


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