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The square of life is health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression. We are taught by today’s society that we must struggle and sacrifice to achieve these things. I believe struggling and sacrifice is not necessary when we understand and practice universal law. The Bible references that when we ask, we shall receive, but today’s society teaches us not to ask for what we want or need. I believe when we learn to ask 'aright', practice complete faith in God as our supply and live His teachings, we open new doors for our highest good to manifest in miraculous ways.


The mission of Soul Kisses is to daily touch the lives of the Soul Kiss visitors in a gentle, loving and miraculous way; to improve the quality of their spiritual lives. We also want to encourage visitors to learn to actively listen, see, hear and know our Angels.

As the site evolves and grows comfort will be found for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Our sympathies and prayers are with you and your family, including the one who has transitioned.

Bring more peace, joy and harmony to your life... begin the healing...  Receive a gift from the Angels in your email every day - a Soul Kiss... 

Please click into the Soul Kisses website further. Stories of experiencing the presence of Angels first hand can be found in our Angel Chronicles. Every day tools for making our lives easier are listed on our Physical World Tools page. You may submit your own Angel experience and/or Physical World Tool through these pages.

If you're looking for a book or audiocassette, please visit our Free Thinking page, where you'll find words of Angel wisdom.

Be sure to list Soul Kisses in your 'Favorites' so you may visit us often.

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