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Waiting in the Other Room was a blessing of love to write with my dad, Big Jim, Archangel Azriel, Barbara Mark of Angelspeake as well as the others whose experiences we shared.  Following are the thoughts and experiences of those who have read Waiting in the Other Room.

In love and light,

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What Others are Saying about Waiting in the Other Room

“Kate’s book Waiting in the Other Room is extremely helpful to any one who has lost a loved one and wondered whether they could connect with them on the other side of the veil. I had been told that daily meditation could connect you to the spirit world, so I prayed and meditated daily in an attempt to connect with the deceased husband whom I had been married to for 34 years when he died of cancer. After some time had passed, I started hearing a voice in my head that talked to me just like he used to, but I wondered if I was just imagining it or my mind was playing tricks on me. After reading Kate’s book and her experiences with her dad, I realized that I am really hearing my deceased husband. He even teases me about my lousy driving skills – like he did when he was alive. I highly recommend Kate’s book. It is well worth reading and buying.”
~ Donna Roberts

"Waiting in the Other Room is one of the most remarkable books about spirit communication that I have ever read, and I have read many from authors such as James Van Praagh to Sylvia Browne.  What makes this book remarkable is that Kate Speaks-Large was not a psychic medium from birth - she purposefully learned how to communicate with the angelic realm as an adult. This book is a heart-stopping page-turner. Once I started, I simply could NOT put it down. With each new story of contact from the Kate's dad in the spirit realm, the reader will feel reassured, comforted and elated with the knowledge that our loved ones who have passed are so close. After reading a chapter I turned to my husband and said, "I just want to know 2 things, when you get there: a) will you be pleasantly surprised and b) can I say 'I told you so!'?" Written in a most empathetic and heart-filled way, Ms. Large does not make light of the fact that the pain of losing a loved one's physical body to death is something that is real, deep and more painful that anyone going through it can express while her stories of life after life will bring laughter, tears, hope, reassurance and ultimately relief. This book makes a most sensitive gift to anyone who has lost a loved one. Bravo to Kate Large, and 5 stars to Waiting in the Other Room."
~ Sally Shields, speaker, radio personality, publicity specialist and author of the #1 Amazon.com bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules!  theDILRules.com

"Her name is Kathryn Speakes-Large and that is exactly what she does in her amazing book. Kate is a beautiful Light Worker and Amazing Teacher. In her down to earth words you can feel the touch of the Holy Spirit. Once I started reading I found myself laughing, crying and unable to put the book down. Waiting in the Other Room is a must read for anyone who questions death and the afterlife. Open your heart and your mind to this powerful message from God."
~ Lisa Reed - Hurtt, IntuitiveLifestyleCoach.com
Author of "Divinely Blessed"  A journey of light!

"Facing the loss of a loved one is the hardest thing that we will ever have to do during our earthly existence. But, once we realize that our loved one’s spirits are alive and well and eager to communicate with us our broken hearts can begin the healing process. In Waiting in the Other Room Kathryn openly shares her after death communications with her father Big Jim. She discusses the everyday signs of his existence that she receives and I couldn’t help but feel the closeness of their relationship as I read the often humorous accounts of their conversations. Waiting in the Other Room will touch your heart and soul as Big Jim shares insights about life here on earth from a heavenly perspective with his daughter; as only a father could do.

Kathryn’s spiritual understanding and her literary talent come together to create a magnificent and beautiful accounting of how our loved ones remain a part of our life even after death of the physical body. I found Waiting in the Other Room to be perceptive, healing, humorous, and to put it quite simply a book that you must read!"

~ Paula M. Ezop’s inspirational columns Following the Spiritual Soul have appeared in Oconee Today, a South Carolina Scripps Howard publication. Her books include SPIRITUALITY for Mommies, and soon to be released From Death to Living in the Light, and Spiritual Intelligence. She has contributed to Chicken Soup for the Caregivers Soul and she has written the foreword to Whispers of Inspiration, a collection of both poetry and prose gathered from voices around the world. Paula is currently working on Teaching Your Children About Spirituality. Her sources of inspiration are her daughter and granddaughter.

"Dear Kate, Waiting in the Other Room is the most inspiring & uplifting read I have embraced in a while! I absolutely love it & thank you for your love!!!! Thank you for your gifts to humanity... Thank you for the gentle reminders of & from our loved ones passed... it is so comforting & re-assuring for the soul - to not only be reminded but to know & be assured that no matter what one may endure - they are always with us... that we are never, never unaided... It is just beautiful Kate!!! Absolutely beautiful!!"
~ April Colón-Pagán, Heart-SoulSolutions.com

“All of us are curious about our spirituality, especially in the loss o f a loved one. We can accept they are in a better place, but …..the “separation” is the hard part. We need all the help and comfort we can get to heal. Kate Speakes-Large can help and enlighten you with these difficult passages in our lives. Whether you believe or not, we are not alone. Spirit, however you call yours, is there and “Waiting in the Other Room.” I thrive on the messages and words she puts out there to help us know, ‘There is a bigger picture’.”
~ Mary Reilly California

"Kate’s wisdom and special gifts of insight into the human heart and soul have once again shone through in this book. She has given us a glimpse of what has made her strong and has invited us all to share part of her. Grief is a very difficult path to walk on ones own. With Kate, Big Jim and our Angelic Entourage's help this path will be made much smoother, our steps illuminated and we will have the wonderful knowledge that out loved ones truly are 'just waiting in the other room.' This is a book to be read over and over again. Each time I read it I always seem to find just the right words I needed to hear at that moment in my life whether it be from Kate or Big Jim (Thanks Big Jim). Thank you, Kate, for allowing me to be part of this very special book."
~ Janet Coyle Australia

"Kate shares her experiences of her journey with loved ones and angels from across the veil. In a gentle, and ever loving way Kate offers insight and confirmation that our spirit indeed lives on after death and those we have known and loved are still very close to us only in another dimension. When we lose a loved one there may be unanswered questions we would have liked to have had addressed to the deceased either before or after their passing. "Waiting in the Other Room" provides the guidance to make the connection with our loved ones on the other side, helping the reader bring closure to any unfinished business. Once the bond of communication is established we can continue to build a relationship even though our loved ones are not physically present. This is just as true for a relationship with our angels, the bridge between us and God."
~ Martha Zetter California

“At some point in our lives we all experience a fear of death. We ask the question, what really happens to us when we die? Do we go to heaven? To hell? Do we remain buried or roam in unrest for eternity? Within these pages Kate and her father, Big Jim, show us through continued experiences that the human spirit lives after death of the body, because love never dies. The message within is of hope fulfilled and loved ones reunited after the last breath is spent. I highly recommend reading this gift of love to aid in dissipating fear of death and to open the door to continued communication with loved ones who are deceased.”
~ Trudy Griswold, Angelspeake.com

"This is a beautifully written book that caused me to laugh, cry and be reminded once again that death is just an open door into a profoundly loving new adventure. This poignant story tells of the after-death communication between a father and daughter, and invites the reader to come along and be delighted, touched and comforted through sharing in their journey. Both Kate and Big Jim write with the utmost sincerity and lots of humor, and their experiences will definitely give you pause for reflection. allow this wonderful book to help you discover the serenity in knowing that your loved ones are, indeed, just waiting happily in the other room. A book to be treasured and read regularly! Thank you, Kate!"
~ Kim Loftis, FromTheAngelsWithLove.com

"Kate is my mom and as such we don't always see eye to eye. I believe in what she does, partly because her work is dedicated to helping others, but also because her "job" makes her happy and not many people can say that these days. When mom told me she was writing a book with my deceased grandpa I thought it was great, she was going to be an author. But when they finished the book it sat on my shelf for weeks. While cleaning my room I picked up the book and decided it was time to sit down and read what mom and grandpa had to say. As I read the book I was blown away - I discovered validation! After my grandpa (Big Jim) passed away I felt this amazing connection with him that I never felt when he was in physical form because he lived in another state. I never understood how I could feel this kind of connection with someone I really didn't even know when they were living. I had been asking myself where this feeling was coming from since 2005. Reading Waiting in the Other Room answered the questions I had been asking myself for four years. My connection with Big Jim was a gift that I could not receive while he was living. He is now the one whispering in my ear when I ask for advice or need help. He finally has the chance to be my grandpa!  Even though my mom had been telling me... reading Waiting in the Other Room truly gave me the comfort of knowing that I am never alone. Grandpa and my entourage are always with me... just Waiting in the Other Room!!
~ Jessi Large, MiaBellaVitaPhotography.com

"This is a very heart felt book, very hard to put down.  I have friends waiting in line to read, having a hard time not to share from the book, do not want to spoil their experience!"
~ Diana F. BC, Canada

You may share your thoughts about Waiting in the Other Room here.


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