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Message from Big Jim:

Hello to all...

When I lived in the physical world of Mother Earth as Jimmy Joe Speakes, I had a hard time with those I loved dying. That included people, my dogs and Alvin, my skunk. When Alvin and Snuggles died my heart shattered. Kate tried to tell me that Snuggles would be able to ride with me on my Harley after Snuggles died and I all but hung up on her. Not because I was angry, but because the tears began to flow and I just couldn't talk with her anymore. I missed my pets a lot. I was a farmer spending a lot of my working time alone and they were my companions. Some of you reading this understand that - how much love we give to those animals that love us unconditionally.

The physical body of our loved ones dying is just almost more than some of us can take in. Then there are people like Kate, some call them Earth Angels, who share tools to help with the grief.

Her work with Jesus and the angels was hard for me to grasp when I lived there on Mother Earth. Since my spirit has crossed over to the spirit realm I've learned so much - I'm always learning! Working with Kate on this book has been an absolute joy. She's grown and evolved into a higher level of understanding and found more peace within than she even knew was possible - right Kate?

There are many gifts of enlightenment to be experienced within the pages of "Waiting in the Other Room."

The day she finally paid attention to us and got the name of the book was fun. We had been whispering it to her over and over. Then she was cooking breakfast and her great grandmother came in to help us. We all yelled together and the light bulb came on right over her head - she heard us! Boy was she excited! She was so thrilled about the name - said it was perfect! Of course it is...

There is a story behind the name, but you'll have to read the book to find out what it is...

"Waiting in the Other Room" is a tool for you to help you as you experience your days there as a human on Mother Earth. I wish it had been available while I lived there... Many will be guided to read the book, just by the cover - {laughing} we designed it that way...

Thank you for joining us.
~Big Jim


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