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We've teamed up with the
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Are you grieving the physical loss of a loved one, but your heart tells you they are still with you? Do you fear death?

Death of someone we love is an experience each one of us will face in our lifetime. The pain of the raw emotions of grief resulting from the physical body of a loved one dying is excruciating. Our lives are changed forever and our grief process is our own - as individual as we are.

As a child growing up Southern Baptist I was scared silly of dying.  Through my spiritual work of the past thirty years I've connected with my angelic entourage and learned that there is nothing to fear in dying for myself or those that I love. 

On October 31, 2005 my dad, Big Jim, died during open heart surgery.  Before he went into the light, he and I received a miraculous gift of connection.  We visited about his decision for his spirit to leave his physical body through death. After fully transitioning into the light he has come back to help me with my work and to continue being my dad with fatherly advice when asked (and even when he isn't asked... J).

Waiting in the Other Room includes:

Read an Excerpt here.

Listen to an interview with Carole Matthews here.

the love filled experience of my connecting with Daddy's higher self over the operating
table where his physical body died
Daddy's perspective of the death of his physical body, transitioning into the light and coming to see me hours later
creative ways Daddy has let me know he is still with me
how Daddy wakes my mother up in the mornings now that his body is deceased
Daddy pairing up with John Denver to send me a message
the spiritual guidance to the letter written by Daddy's physical hand
how Daddy changes the dynamics of what is going on in my life
the message from the photograph of Daddy's face in an orb
Daddy reuniting with his deceased pet skunk, Alvin and their visits to my home in spirit form
the method I use to connect with Daddy in written form
Archangel Azriel's message and the healing in the celebration of love
how death is often the door opener to the spiritual path of those left behind
the comforting experience of connecting with my grandfather's higher self when he had Dementia and the loving messages I was able to deliver to my grandmother from him
the method I used to connect with my grandfather in written form while he had Dementia
Barbara Mark (deceased June 2006) of Angelspeake.com plugging her book from the
spirit world
the gift of peace in the title of the book - Waiting in the Other Room
the story of how the cover photo of the angelic being with outstretched arms with the angels came to be

Ronald McDonald House Charities of
the Four States
Joplin, MO

For every copy of Waiting in the Other Room that is purchased Nov -Mar $1.00 will be given to the Ronald McDonald House in Joplin, Missouri.

And will help you to:

validate that deceased loved ones are still with you albeit in spirit form
identify and dissolve fear of death
experience a sense of peace, comfort and serenity that your loved one is ok and well in the angelic realm
find hope, support, comfort, healing and insight into the transition from physical human to spirit of light
experience one man, Big Jim’s, personal experience of death without physical world pain
experience the celebration of love when we “cross over” to the other side
learn the ability to connect with loved ones who have died
learn the ability to connect with loved ones who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s and are unable to communicate verbally
open the door and turn on the light to your spiritual path

When those we love succumb to Dementia or Alzheimer's we feel as trapped and helpless as they do in the inability to communicate.  My grandfather experienced Dementia before he died in 2007.  I've included in the book the method I used to communicate with his higher self as well as examples of our experiences to help others know even though verbal communication may not be possible, communication is possible in another form.

The physical world teaches us that everything has a beginning and everything has an end.  Death of the physical body is not the end.  It is a continuation of life in spirit form.  A return to the spirit realm from whence we came.  Waiting in the Other Room shares all this and more with humor and love. 

Do you feel that your loved one who has crossed over to the other side is still with you, but you need validation?  Are you struggling and searching for a sense of peace, serenity and comfort where death of a loved one is concerned?  Are you afraid of death?

The experiences with Big Jim in spirit form have brought me, his daughter, and my mom, a sense of peace, serenity, comfort and validation from deep within that physical world teachings simply could not. 

Experience the Angel hug of love while reading Waiting in the Other Room and demystify your fears of the human spirit leaving the physical body.  You will discover validation that our deceased loved ones do, indeed, live on in spirit form and have the ability to communicate with us.

Waiting in the Other Room may be ordered from Amazon through the link below. 

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In love and light,
Kathryn (Kate) Speakes-Large

Click here to read a message from Big Jim...

Listen to an interview with Kim Loftis of Empowerment Sanctuary:
(Two Parts) Part One and Part Two


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Waiting in the Other Room Journal
Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come CD
Communicating Through Dementia CD

One winner per month will receive:

Kathryn Speakes-Large developed the Waiting in the Other Room  Journal to provide a place to record your communications with your deceased loved ones.  Embedded in the pages are guidance and support to aid you in connecting with those of the angelic realm.

Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come Kathryn Speakes-Large created this guided meditation CD as a pathway to connecting with your angelic entourage of angels, guides, teachers, archangels, your deceased loved ones and The Creator of All That Is. 

Communicating through Dementia Kathryn Speakes-Large created this guided meditation CD to share the method she used to communicate with her grandfather when he had dementia.  She walks you through the steps to elevate your vibration to more closely match the higher self of the loved one in order to communicate with them.

NOTE:  One winner will be drawn to receive this prize on December 31, January 31, February 28, and March 31.  The winner will be notified by email and listed here.  Be sure to register!
Winners of the November 22 drawing:
Karen Praksti Barbara Stillwell
Adam Hen Jane Hefferman


One winner will be chosen on the last day of
December, January, February and March!


winner per month will receive:

Healing Circle of Love as given by Princess Diana and Mother Teresa While in the throes of "Mother Despair" Kathryn Speakes-Large was given a remarkable blessing of love from Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.  They came to her and showed her how to transmute fear (anger, frustration, pain, guilt, and anxiety) for her daughter to love; thereby, shifting from within to shift the relationship.  Kathryn shares this beautiful gift from Princess Diana and Mother Teresa with you with an introduction of how the meditation came to then with a guided meditation.  This powerful journey works for relationships as well as life situations - shift to love within and the outside world shifts/changes to love as well...

NOTE:  One winner will be drawn to receive this prize on December 31, January 31, February 28, and March 31.  The winner will be notified by email and listed here.  Be sure to register!

Winners of the November 22 drawing:
Cheryl Martel Zar Holmez Angelika Andrew Ann Fitzpatrick
Diana Howland Eileen Banks Beryl Fairley Maryann Fennelly

We wish to thank each of our sponsors for their generosity in sharing their unique talents, wisdom and insight.  Be sure to click into their websites to learn more about them and how they may benefit you as you experience your spiritual journey! 

  Adele Linsalata ~ Angelic Wise Ones {{MP3}}
  Adele Linsalata is an Internationally known author of The Visionary Messenger and A Guided Journal, along with her amazing recorded guided meditation CDs, Visionary Channel, Platform Medium, Angelic Producer and Metaphysical Teacher.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Meet Your Joy Guide Guided Meditation - The Joy Guide most often appears as a child, a small fairy like child and/or young maidenly adolescent. They can display behavior that would be described as mischievous. Your Joy Guide is the one who is responsible for bringing out the lighter side of our personalities. When things become missing, your Joy Guide is there to let you know to lighten it up. Even though your Joy Guide appears to be childish in many ways, be respectful to them, for your Joy Guide is highly intelligent in all ways as with all of your guides. When mirth and merriment manifest within a group of people unexpectedly for no particular reason, it is frequently the presence of someone’s Joy Guide causing the frivolity and trying to get your attention. We could all certainly benefit from less stress by viewing some matters with a sense of humor. Call upon your Joy Guide when your daily life becomes overwhelming, and you need to laugh out loud. Your Joy Guide will show you the humor in the situation.

  Andy Feld ~ Wake Up Your Life is Calling!  {{Book Excerpt}}
  Andy Feld began to question the meaning and purpose of life in the 1980's. The more questions he asked, the more the teachers and answers arrived. He started to file away his notes on life experience and collected those notes for twenty years. During this period he concluded that being happy in the present moment was life’s number one priority and that this happiness was a magnet to everything he desired. As a result he wrote Wake up Your Life is calling and Simple Happy. Andy is a coach as well as an author and is available for speaking engagements.

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GIFT INFORMATION 3 Chapters of Wake Up Your Life is Calling - The Planetary wake-up call has arrived. An age of unprecedented materialism has come abruptly to an end, and our happiness, self-worth, and abundance will no longer be dictated by the purchase of new things. We now need to reach inside ourselves to find the inner peace, love, and joy which has lain dormant there for years. WAKE-UP! YOUR LIFE IS CALLING! is a book that both challenges and teaches us about our inner strength and knowledge, and our power to create our lives exactly as we desire. Happiness exercises, meditation, balance, and intentional manipulation of our thoughts, emotions, and words will allow us to access Universal Intelligence to manifest our lifelong dreams. With love, free will, and self-discipline, Andy guides us, step by step, to our life's calling. Relax, breathe, and smile; it's a new dawn for us all.

  Angela Dacey ~ Heaven & Earth, Inc. {{Audio Program}}
  Angela Dacey is an intuitive counselor and expert in "Detoxing Your Thoughts to Guarantee Happiness" using colour as a tool for learning. Her mission is to direct, guide and support you on your journey for self discovery so that you can feel health and abundance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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  Anisa Aven ~ Creative Manifesting  {{E-Book & Audio Program}}
  Anisa's willingness to be authentic and transparent as she shares her personal journey and formula for success has garnered legions of loyal fans. Considered one of the world's top manifestation mentors and a law of attraction icon, Anisa makes complicated Conscious Success principles accessible and easy to use. From her corporate position as CEO of a global, executive coaching firm with coaches on every continent, to her role as an author of dozens of Intentional Success programs to her cherished responsibility as wife and mother, Anisa's passion shines bright as she supports you in uniting your life's passion with your work, attracting your dreams and fulfilling your purpose.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Vibration Elevation Formulas E-Book and Audio Program - No matter how many books you’ve read on personal growth; No matter how many audios you’ve listened to on achieving your dreams; No matter how many courses, teachers, coaches, gurus and psychics you’ve paid to help you realize your goals; If you aren’t using the Vibration Elevation Formulas then you’re taking the long road to personal and professional fulfillment.  Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction…

  Anita Ahuja ~ Angels Around the Earth
  When her Guardian Angel charmingly revealed herself to Anita on her computer, Anita discovered how real and loving the Angels are. She receives messages from the Angelic realm and works closely with the delightful Fairies and elementals. With compassion and humor, Anita will share messages and healing especially for you. The Divine realm often communicates with Anita through her dreams and she works with others to discover the treasures of their dreams.

Anita is a professional intuitive consultant, an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONERTM and Medium, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD and a spiritual coach. She appears in Doreen Virtue's DVD titled How to Give an Angel Card Reading. A first-generation American of East Indian descent, Anita is very familiar with cultural conflicts and healing family divisions. She also specializes in career issues. Anita's professional career provides her with expertise in working with victims of trauma, crime and terrorism. While working with victims of the September 11th tragedy, she learned that Angelic assistance and mediumship are very powerful forms of healing for those in grief.

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  Asara Lovejoy ~ Commanding Wealth  {{Audio Program}}
  Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command, Educator in the field of human consciousness, CEO Commanding Wealth® Seminars, International Seminar facilitator, coach and consultant, and TV and radio personality is known as the worlds #1 Problem Solver who guarantees results!

Asara has gone from down-and-out to leading the field in a different approach to living: an approach that has brought success to her and the folks who are discovering the simple yet powerful results of thinking in theta. Asara says, "This is not wishful thinking but asking the right questions - then going into the theta brain wave – the brain wave of successful athletes and the rich and contented - just to mention a few, and then 'commanding' a result". She explains how thinking in theta applies to everyone in the success of their everyday life.

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  Barry Maher ~ Barry Maher & Associates  {{Book Excerpt}} 
  Barry Maher speaks and writes on communication leadership, management and sales. An amazingly motivational keynote speaker and workshop leader, whose books have been translated around the world, he can be reached through his website.
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GIFT INFORMATION  A free chapter of Filling the Glass by Barry Maher, a book that was honored as "[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books" by Today's Librarian magazine. Translated around the world, it's extraordinarily readable and entertaining, yet so rich in content it's recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School.



  Beth Dunn ~ Social Climbers {{Book Excerpt}} 
  Beth Dunn grew up and attended Etiquette school on Philadelphia's Main Line. By the time she was 12, she'd learned that white gloves had nothing to do with the weather. At 18, she'd changed from a private girl’s school uniform into a debutante ball gown. After college, (which included a semester in Zimbabwe) she worked in Publicity and Public Relations representing Philadelphia and national clients. As a married lady, she discovered that while ground rules for social "acceptance" may have changed since her school days, the ladies definitely hadn't. Sick of cliques, cruelties and mean girls grown up, Beth Dunn was motivated to write about them.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Social Climbers, a novel, is a witty insiders look at society. Welcome to the World of Social Climbers Where the society season kicks off at the opening night of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Main Line ladies compete to get their names on committees, invitations and their picture in the newspaper.  Read a free chapter. Sit back relax and get away from it all!



  Betty Sawtelle ~ Betty's Light Within
  Elizabeth Sawtelle was born Elizabeth Bradshaw Haldane, daughter of Rev. Dr. Robert and Inez Elwell Haldane. She was raised in a home filled with faith, love and joy - one that gave her an understanding of her own dedication to the Holy Trinity and yet a respect for people of all faiths. Although she has been steadfast in her devotion to God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, she has traveled beyond the faith she first accepted to a higher spiritual level. She's written the book The Light Within and Journey From the Heart.
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  Carole Matthews ~ Intuitive Medium {{Drawing}}
  With a warm heart and a keen sense of meaning and purpose, Carole Matthews touches the lives of people everywhere. Whether given in a private session or broadcast to thousands over national media, Carole’s message is one of hope, clarity and spiritual enlightenment. It is a message that few will forget.  Join her as hostess of The MessengerFiles 560 CFOS on Mondays 12 noon EST.
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  Chris Cade ~ Inscribe Your Life  {{E-Course}}
  Chris is the visionary behind world's #1 Spiritual Story site on the internet. He also holds two 2nd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do from different schools, earned the National Championship Title for Creative Forms competition in 1994, and placed Bronze at the Super Grands World Games also in 1994 for Creative Forms competition.

In April of this year, Chris asked his employer to lay him off so that he could follow his heart's dreams to empower people worldwide with his network of spiritual websites, the Inscribe Your Life program, and his upcoming printed book "Think Without the Box."

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GIFT INFORMATION  Personal Transformation Video Empowerment Series  Through these powerful and engaging videos, you will learn to heal the traumas in your life, forgive others and yourself, and bounce back faster and stronger after challenges and disappointments.



  Christy Whitman  {{Audio Program, Report, Coaching}}
  Christy Whitman is an in-demand life coach, motivational speaker. She is also CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM, a 12 month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. She has helped thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products.

Christy's life-changing message reaches over 25,000 people a month and she has been quoted in Seventeen, Woman's World, Woman's Day, Teen Vogue, The Star Ledger, and Knot Magazine. As a certified Law of Attraction coach and a trainer with T. Harv Eker's Peak Potentials Training, her work has been promoted by and featured with best-selling authors like Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Neal Donald Walsch, Abraham-Hicks and Peggy McColl.  She currently lives in Montreal with the man of her dreams and is a regular instructor at the Learning Annex in Manhattan.

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Additional Bonus Gift:  Why did She Choose Suicide? e-book - The Spiritual approach to healing when someone you love has tragically passed.


  Dan Frost ~ Dan Frost Healing
  The ancients believed full health involved a balance between body, mind, and spirit. This concept may seem impossible in today’s stressful environment, when many are feeling pulled in a myriad of directions at once. Imagine feeling inner peace and vitality regularly, not just in fleeting moments. Spiritual healing and counseling could be the secret to rediscovering the awareness of wholeness that is our natural state. Dan Frost Healing illuminates the pathway to such healing.
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  DavidPaul Doyle ~ The Voice for Love  {{Audio Program, Daily Inspiration}}
  DavidPaul Doyle, author of The Voice for Love, teaches people how to access the quiet place within them so they can receive clear inner guidance, communication, and support in their lives. His unique 5-Step Process for "hearing God's Voice" has been taught to over 20,000 people worldwide. His upcoming book, When God Spoke to Me: The Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People Who Have Received Divine Guidance and Wisdom, will be released in March 2010.
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  Deb Jalanivich - New Frontiers of Mind
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  Denise Cassino ~ Your #1 Bestseller Series  {{Audio Program}}
  Denise Cassino is Joint Venture Marketing specialist doing Amazon book launches, as well as product and service launches using Internet viral mass marketing.
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  Dr. Joe Rubino ~The Center for Personal Reinvention {{Audio Program}}
  Dr. Joe Rubino, CEO of The Center for Personal Reinvention, is acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic of elevating self-esteem. He is a life-changing personal development and success coach on how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and productivity. He is known for his groundbreaking work in personal and leadership development, building effective teams, enhancing listening and communication skills, life and business coaching and optimal life planning.  His 11 best selling books and audio programs are available in 21 languages and in 53 countries and include:
• The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life. • The Success Code, Books I & II  • The Magic Lantern: A Fable about Leadership, Personal Excellence, and Empowerment  • The Legend of the Light-Bearers: A Fable about Personal Reinvention and Global Transformation  Dr. Joe offers powerful personal and group coaching to support business success and life fulfillment. To contact him, call 888-821-3135 or email DrJoe@CenterForPersonalReinvention.com.
Learn more about his life-changing work in championing people to restore their self-esteem by visiting his websites:

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  Eldon Taylor ~ InnerTalk  {{Book Excerpt and Audio}}
  Eldon Taylor has made a lifelong study of the human mind and has earned doctoral degrees in psychology and metaphysics. He is a Fellow with the American Psychotherapy Association (APA) and a nondenominational minister.

Eldon is also the President and Director of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. For more than twenty years, his books, CDs, lectures, radio, and television appearances have approached personal empowerment from the cornerstone perspective of forgiveness, gratitude, self responsibility and service.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Choices and Illusions - Free book excerpt download and free audio download
The New York Times best-selling book, Choices and Illusions holds an important key. Whether you are interested in the science of thinking and beliefs, how your own mind works, how others control your thoughts, why things just don't work out in your life, how you can create the life you have always wanted, how you can realize your true potential, how you can find peace, or on a grander scale, how you can help make the world a better place, Choices and Illusions provides insights for all. Eldon Taylor's approach is scientific and pragmatic, and his conclusions are inspirational and soul enhancing. Enjoy a free book excerpt and a special bonus gift, a free MP3 "High Self Esteem," which utilizes the patented and proven InnerTalk technology.



  Eva Gregory ~ Leading Edge Coaching & Training {{Bonus Gift: E-Course}}
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The Secret of Successful Failing shows why failure is a good thing and how you can leverage it. It provides workable ways of reframing how you look at failure so you can use the inherent lessons in support of yourself and your dreams. It delivers a wealth of practical techniques for turning yourself around so you can confidently move toward your objectives.

"Finally! A book that reframes failure as a powerful tool that can actually be used to get what you want. This is a must-read.!"
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  Hay House  {{Gift Package}}
  The international leader in self-help and transformational publishing.
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  Hetty Ina Olwin ~ Angels Surround Us  {{E-Course}}
  Hetty is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, Medium, and works with Crystalline Energy for healing purposes. She offers Angel and Mediumship Readings and Workshops as well as Workshops on “How to communicate with loved ones who are living with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or are in a Coma.
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GIFT INFORMATION  How to communicate with loved ones who are living with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or are in a Coma. This is Hetty’s part of her personal journey with her mother diagnosed with Dementia. Included in her journey are tools that will change communication for you and your loved one forever. It is possible, it is real Yes there is a way.

  Jackie Lapin ~ The Art of Conscious Creation  {{E-Book}}
  You could call her “Earth’s Cheerleader.” Jackie Lapin is a writer, speaker and visionary who is educating and uniting the planet’s people to manifest a better, healthier more peaceful and joyful world. She is revealing to humanity its ultimate power for global transformation and leading the call for synchronizing a vision for a new and better reality…just as a football cheerleader unites the stadium in a cheer for victory. In this case, the victory is our very own survival and happiness. She is motivating, urging, rousing and inspiring a unified call to action! As an author of The Art of Conscious Creation, she is manifesting change and creating abundant lives all over the world! Her websites include: 
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  Jafree Grant Oswald ~ Enlightened Beings Inc.  {{Book Excerpt}}
  The Super Manifestor website is dedicated to teaching people the art of manifesting their dreams and desires. It features our world renown 90 Day Manifesting Program and 12 manifesting meditations that have helped thousands of people around the world become more abundant and

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GIFT INFORMATION  Free Chapter of Manifesting Manual - First Chapter of the Manifesting Manual. This 19 page chapter will teach you the secrets to increasing your natural manifesting abilities and transcending limiting beliefs so that you effortlessly and quickly manifest what your heart truly desires into your life. A powerful guided meditation to attract your dream life is also included.



  Jeanna Gabellini & Eva Gregory ~ Abundance Abounds {{MP3 Download}}
  Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory are master coaches, speakers and authors of several programs and books. They have instructed thousands in person, on the radio and in teleconference training programs on how to deliberately create a life by design using the Law of Attraction.  In addition to their successful coaching practices, in 1999 they formed a company called Abundance Abounds, to make an even greater impact together.

Jeanna and Eva are regularly featured on radio and in the media, and are recognized authorities on the Laws of Attraction. Their book, "Life Lessons for Mastering the Laws of Attraction", is co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

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GIFT INFORMATION  In Unlimited Prosperity, Jeanna and Eva take you on an experiential, power-packed, and fun journey straight into prosperity! You will learn all the principles and several processes shared in the internationally acclaimed 12-week teleseminar, The Prosperity Game.



  Jeanna Gabellini ~  MasterPeace Coaching and Training {{E-Book}}
  Jeanna Gabellini, CPCC, is a master coach, speaker and author of several
programs and books including her newest book "Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction", co-authored with Eva Gregory, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

Jeanna is a recognized authority on the Law of Attraction, also known as the Xtreme Abundance Coach, Jeanna brings both strategy and outrageous laughs to business teams and individuals. She teaches her clients how to go big with a ton of fun!  For more information about Jeanna’s books, programs and coaching or to schedule her for a presentation, please contact:
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GIFT INFORMATION  The Art of Practice Ebook- An interview by Jeanna Gabellini with Lance Giroux.
Accomplish new long-term results by becoming aware of your current practices. How did they get you where you are now? Use this program to effectively interrupt the practices that distract you from the progress you desire. Those who have mastered their field understand this and repetitively act on this important lesson. Find out what practices will serve you best!



  Jennifer Hoffman ~  Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc.  {{Audio Program}}
  We are in service to those who seek enlightenment, peace, understanding and joy. Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, channel for Archangel Uriel, spiritual teacher and founder of Miracle Coaching. She has authored eight books, and has written the world reknown Enlightening Life newsletter since 2004. Her latest book, 30 Days to Everyday Miracles has garnered critical acclaim. She teaches seminars, workshops and hosts Blog Talk Radio's most popular spiritual radio show each Wednesday at 8PM central time.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Change Your Mind, Create a Miracle teleclass  Do you need a miracle in your life? This one hour teleclass describes the process of miracle creation so you can learn how to create a miraculous life. You will learn the basic principles of miracle creation, what to avoid and how to create a miracle mindset.



  Jessi Large ~  Mia Bella Vita Photography
  Mia Bella Vita Photography is a mobile photography studio bringing professional photographs to your home, family reunion, office party, church, apartment complex or special event. Your life is beautiful and it's right here in this very moment. We live in a fast paced world of intentions to spend time with loved ones and have professional portraits taken to record our love in a material format. Now is the time to capture the memories of life together in a personal, professional portrait by Mia Bella Vita Photography. Don't let this moment slip away.
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  Kayite Ashcraft ~  Awakening to You {{Consultation}}
  In a deep struggle to understand my life, I began to seek more. On a journey of self discovery, I awakened to the most incredible life I could have ever imagined. I now offer Clarity Sessions, Energy Healing, and Day of Discovery Gatherings in which we discuss my book Awakening to the Extraordinary YOU! I welcome you to read the book and join me for the ride. It is an opportunity to transform your life and live your joy. My passion is spreading a message of love, joy, and UNITY. I love you. Just as you are. Perfection! I welcome all and rejoice in our connection.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Energy Healing Session - 1 Hour Energy Clearing Session to clear out stagnant energy and help open the flow and increase your vibration.




  Kim Loftis ~ From the Angels with Love  {{MP3 Download}}
  Kim Loftis is a certified spiritual healing practitioner and spiritual fulfillment coach, dedicated to assisting you in living a life brimming over with serenity, joy and the self-empowerment necessary to go for your dreams and allow your heart to sing. She offers spiritual counseling to help you gain peace and tranquility on your walk with the God of your understanding, energy work sessions to revitalize mind and body, and the opportunity to receive the profound love and comfort of your angelic entourage.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Nurturing your Inner Child guided meditation  We often neglect the beautiful part of ourselves that is our inner child, and take his or her gifts for granted. This 24-minute meditation, with gorgeous music by composer Sharon Drury, is a beautiful way to connect with your inner child, nurture and be nurtured by this wonderful part of yourself, and experience the love that he or she has to offer you. This meditation can assist you in healing the wounds suffered by your inner child, and bring your inner child more fully into your daily life in ways that bring you joy and delight.

This meditation will assist you in:
* Connecting with your inner child in a safe and loving environment.
* Loving and being loved by your inner child.
* Healing past wounds.
* Recognizing your self-worth.
* Discovering the gifts that your inner child can offer you.
* Forming a joyful relationship with your inner child.
* Discovering wonderful ways to bring your inner child more fully into your everyday life.

This meditation provides a beautiful and profound way to heal, nurture and love yourself more fully. You'll love utilizing it any time you wish to gain comfort, healing and greater delight and peace in your life.



  Lisa Reed ~ Intuitive Lifestyle Coach  {{E-Book}}
  Lisa Reed has a Ph.D. in metaphysics. She is a certified life coach, public speaker, and intuitive/channel. Lisa's style of coaching is complemented with intuitive insights to guide you along your path to transformation. Lisa has also written a book, Divinely Blessed: A Journey of Light, that chronicles her near-death experience and the insights it gave her. Don't wait another day. Start living the life of your dreams.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Lisa Reed is providing an E-Book on ways to help you learn how to Manage Change with Enthusiasm and Self-Confidence during these most uncertain of times.



  Lourdes Elardo-Gant ~ Law of Attraction Inner Circle  {{E-Course}}
  After a successful business advisory and travel agency businesses in the Philippines, Lourdes Elardo-Gant immigrated to Canada to learn from multi - millionaires. She began her continued quest for personal development. She learned at the time that happiness and freedom are the ultimate intentions from accumulating wealth. With a unique skill of attracting wealth and success and sharing them, Lourdes began her Law of Attraction Coaching career teaching manifestation strategies.
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GIFT INFORMATION  The Secret Behind This FREE Course Will Change Your Life For The Better!!  Expert Law Of Attraction Reveals The Forbidden Success Secrets The 'Business Tycoon' Would KILL To Keep Hidden From You...



  Lynette Turner ~ Positive Bliss  {{MP3 Download}}
  Lynette Anneslia Turner is a Positivoligist™, motivational speaker, author, certified dream teacher and Angelspeake™ facilitator. She is committed to helping people from all walks of life embrace a path surrounded with light and love, so that they may live a more fulfilled and positive existence.

An experienced practitioner of healing techniques and a musician, Lynette believes that taking charge of your life will take you on a journey of discovery and enlightenment that can change your life for the better. It’s all about B.L.I.S.S., Believe Life Is Something Special, because it is, and so are you.

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GIFT INFORMATION  Coming of Age Guided Meditation - We are all on a journey of transformation. When walking the path with an open mind and giving heart we evolve as we are “Coming of age”. This meditation takes you on a visual excursion during which you will feel calm, connected to source and come to feel the power of living in the light. Think peace, live love, become one with the sunset. With light, with laughter, with love. You are “Coming of Age”.



  Mark Zakowski, M.D. ~ Quantum Birthing, LLC  {{Gift Package}}
  Dr. Mark Zakowski has personally assisted over 20,000 women in giving birth. He is the author of “Safe Baby System” where he shares his extensive experience and knowledge. Dr. Zakowski has been Chief of Obstetric Anesthesiology for over 18 years at nationally recognized hospitals and in charge of over 105,000 deliveries giving him unique and valuable insights. Pregnant women or those thinking about being pregnant as well as their partner will want to visit his site for information on how to help safeguard against Swine Flu, protect the mother and baby during pregnancy and when giving birth.
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GIFT INFORMATION  SWINE FLU PANDEMIC: Update for Pregnancy, Babies and Infants - This special report contains life saving information:
* How to avoid getting sick
* How to avoid spreading disease to your loved ones
* How to tell if you have Swine Flu
* Current recommended treatment for Swine Flu
* Important information about the Swine Flu vaccine and which vaccine NOT to get
* Who is at high risk for getting complication from Swine Flu.
You will find crucially important information to help protect you during this Swine Flu pandemic, flu season, or even every day and especially for the health of your children and pregnant women who are being affected to a greater degree than the average adult population. No matter what your age, sex, or pregnancy status is, this report is for you!


  Michelle Bersell {{Audio Program}}
  Psychotherapist, life coach & author Michelle Bersell leads people out of the “emotional stone ages” & into the next consciousness shift. This shift has supported thousands to utilize their stress, feelings and fears to their advantage. Television, radio, print and internet media turn to Michelle due to her unique approach that explains away common myths that prevent people from living their ideal life.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Emotional Abundance: The Next Shift in Consciousness! $19.95 value  Have you ever thought that when you feel stressed or overwhelmed that it could be a gift? If not, you haven’t heard from psychotherapist and life coach Michelle Bersell. Michelle’s unique perspective on your emotional well-being allows you to take feelings that once weighed you down and utilize them to give you the exact direction you need to move forward. It is time to come out of the emotional stone ages and transcend into the next consciousness shift.



  Natalie Kimbrough ~ Healing Isis: Institute for Self-Illumination and Spirituality  {{MP3 Download}}
  Natalie Kimbrough is an intuitive medium, Reiki Master Teacher, and spiritual counselor. She is dedicated to helping others on their life journey.  In her spiritual work, Natalie is guided by her special counsel that surrounds her and assists in every aspect of the work. In addition to her guides and the angels Natalie constantly communicates with her main teacher, the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Isis provides insights and guidance allowing Natalie to fully use her own abilities and gifts to share with others.
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GIFT INFORMATION  "The Cleansing Creek" Enjoy a journey to a beautiful little creek in a nature. Meet some animal guides while experiencing the cleansing power of the small creek. Relax in this peaceful place for a while to re-energize and rejuvenate. AND "Minutes of Relaxation" is a short, 10-Minute audio meditation to help you relax during busy times. You can fit this into a schedules and achieve a comfortable level of relaxation whenever needed. Just be sure to not be interrupted for full benefits of this practice and do NOT drive while listening to this recording.



  Paul Thompson ~ Paul Talks  {{Drawing}}
  Paul is a motivational speaker and Business Coach.  Paul is also a gifted numerologist. He is featured on the internationally acclaimed radio show the Messenger Files. Radio host Carole Matthews invites Paul to do a monthly numerological forecast. Listeners vie with one on one call in and Paul does their number live on the air. Its always fun interactive and unexpected when Paulo is on air!
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GIFT INFORMATION  Paul is offering a drawing for a numerology reading. 



  Paula Bartholome ~ Parallax
  Parallax helps leaders and their teams create environments and practices to maximize knowledge creation and application in the workplace. 
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  Rev. Sherri Barclift ~ Spiritual Pathways  {{Newsletter}}
  Rev. Dr. Sherri Barclift, I am an internationally known Interfaith Minister with the Alliance of Divine Love - chapel 1547, a Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, Healer and Teacher.  My work has been focused on teaching, empowering and working with others on their spiritual journey for over 15 years.  I have been featured on The Learning Channel, as well being published in Planet Lightworker, WomenOf.com, Natural Awakenings, and held classes and workshops on various spiritual themes in both Florida and North Carolina.
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GIFT INFORMATION   - Spiritual Pathways of the Awakened Soul -



  Roxanne Howe-Murphy ~ LifeWise Coaching
  Beyond all of my education, training and professional experience, it is my faith in the capacity of the human spirit to urge us toward manifesting our highest gifts that inspires me.
Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy is author of the internationally acclaimed book, Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change (available at amazon.com). She is a global leader in Enneagram studies, teaching, numerous workshops, courses, and retreats that are Enneagram-based. She is also a certified coach and a Riso-Hudson Enneagram teacher. Earning her doctorate from the University of San Francisco, she directs the Enneagram Institute of the San Francisco Bay Area.

She is the founding teacher of the Deep Coaching Training Program which certifies coaches, therapists and other growth-oriented practitioners in integrating the Enneagram into their practices, supporting them to offer tools to their clients that will help transform their lives. Deeply committed to helping people wake-up to their true nature, Roxanne has personally helped hundreds of people come to an understanding of their Enneagram personality type and break through their limiting beliefs that kept them boxed in. Her individual clients include professional and executive women and men from around the world.

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  Sally Shields ~ The Daughter-in-Law Rules  {{E-Book}}
  Sally Shields is an award-winning pianist, composer, speaker, author and radio personality. Co-host of the exciting new BlogTalkRadio show, “Blurb!” Shields is a frequent contributor to various magazines, and has been featured in Star Magazine, Obvious, My Day, Girlfriendz, For the Bride and many others. Endorsed by Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Martha Stewart, she has appeared on Fox and Friends, and is a repeat guest on the nationally syndicated The Daily Buzz with her Wedding Showers #1 Amazon.com bestseller, THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW RULES!
She performs, speaks and gives workshops worldwide, and her music is currently featured on the ABC TV daytime drama All My Children.

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GIFT INFORMATION  The Daughter-in-Law Rules eBook - Whether you're at the beginning of your marriage or you've spent years trying to make peace with your mother-in-law, The Daughter-in-Law Rules provides a revolutionary set of strategies, making copasetic coexistence possible at last!  Proceeds of this book help support The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Think Pink!



  Sarah Maria ~ Break Free Beauty  {{E-Book}}
  Sarah Maria is a body-image expert who has developed a five-step process to help you break free from Negative Body Obsession and live the life of your dreams. Her book Love Your Body, Love Your Life, (coming November 2009) is endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, and Marci Shimoff, among others. Receive your free e-book on overcoming the Lies that create Negative Body Obsession so that you can create a life that you love.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Overcome the Lies: Secrets to Creating a Body and Life that you Love



  Sherry B. True ~ Spirit Paws  {{E-Book}}
  Sherry B True is an Animal Communicator, Certified Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner and Healthy Pet consultant. Spirit Paws was created to assist you in creating a healthy and deep spiritual bond between you and your animal companion. Sherry has created several meditation CD's to assist you and your animal on your path.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Pet Loss Support Kit - The Pet Loss Support Kit is a thoughtful and comforting pet loss source provided in an E-Booklet format for those getting ready to go through or have already gone through the process of pet loss.



  Susan Beran ~ Healing with the Reiki Angels  {{Report}}
  Susan Beran is a Reiki Master and Intuitive who has had the ability since childhood to communicate with the Spirit realm. Susan has been a member of the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment) for 30 years, studied with Navajo and Hopi medicine men and women while living in the Southwestern United States for 11 years and taught classes in the use of medicinal herbs. She does distant energy healings, Reiki Attunements and Intuitive Angel readings through her website. The focus of her energetic work now is to assist in healing the imbalances caused by the monumental shifts taking place on our planet as we all ascend into the Higher Realms of Spirit. Feeling as though your life has spiraled out of control? Here is a compilation of simple methods to help you maintain physical and emotional balance which you can do in only a few minutes each day. Life is complicated. These techniques are simple, straight forward and easy to perform, yet are a powerful way to keep your energy balanced and in alignment with your Higher Power.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Planetary Ascension - Symptoms and Solutions Feeling as though your life has spiraled out of control? Here is a compilation of simple methods to help you maintain physical and emotional balance which you can do in only a few minutes each day. Life is complicated. These techniques are simple, straight forward and easy to perform, yet are a powerful way to keep your energy balanced and in alignment with your Higher Power.



  Tamara Baruhovich ~ Tools For Abundance  {{E-Book}}
  Tools for Abundance is a Personal Development and Self Growth Portal that helps you create abundance in every aspect of life by using effective tools and techniques. Find a huge selection of free gifts like ebooks, articles, resources, courses, videos, ezine, plus much more!
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GIFT INFORMATION  "Develop a Positive Attitude to Lead a Great Life"  Your attitude plays a major role in every single aspect of your life.

It dictates your thoughts...
It influences your feelings...
It affects your actions...

If what you want is to live a fulfilled life, I invite you to learn to develop a positive attitude and live by it everyday so you can achieve success in every aspect of life.



  Tanya Estrazulas-Gullick ~ Mizaan Holistic House
  Our belief that healing comes from within leads us to more natural therapies and alternative interventions predominantly from the East.  With today's fast moving, ever-changing lifestyles, stress is the most common disease of these times and we must be able to balance all areas of our being.  It's essential to nurture our minds, bodies and souls to enjoy life.
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  Theresa Maria Napa, CPCC, LOACC ~ Right Track Coaching  {{E-Course}}
  Theresa-Maria Napa is dedicated to helping professionals and executives increase their winning percentage while taking fewer steps and producing better results. She takes her coaching to higher levels of impact with her talents, understanding, compassion and the deliberate intention that each of her clients is distinctive in who they are and what they want to achieve Visit her website for information on free teleseminars, assessments and more!
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GIFT INFORMATION  SOAR From Passion to Mastery E-Course - Want to master the principles of change? Then you need the right tools! Theresa-Maria Napa has a FREE toolkit to help you build mastery from change. Set your passion for achieving results into motion. Sign up for our 21-Day Leadership PDF E-Course from "Passion to Mastery."



  Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich ~ Sacred Spaces  {{E-Book}}
  Sacred Spaces are defined as the unlimited expanses, in which physical objects are located and all events occur, that is reverently consecrated to a person or purpose. The embodiment of this numinous awareness is your anointing. It is the Christos. Only in the integrity and authenticity of your Self will you know your own enlightenment.  We invite you to join us in this great adventure summed up as "life". Your Sacred Space is the most intimate experience you will have in your incarnation. It expresses through your heart, the voice of your soul.
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GIFT INFORMATION  You - A Field Guide, Finding an End to Seeking Ebook - What to do? Where to go? It seems as though every teacher imparts a message that feels almost right. Sometimes the teachings really resonate with you for a given period of time and then, poof! After a week, a month, a year, they no longer apply; you start all over again. It feels endless and futile. Want to stop? Want to call a halt to the "search"; to no longer feel the need to be a "seeker"?

This guide book has been written for that primary purpose. It is a means with which you can bring a halt to what appears a fruitless journey, embrace yourself as you are and set fire to the concepts piling up in your personal space.

  Trudy Griswold ~ Angelspeake  {{MP3 Download}}
  Trudy Griswold is the co-author of the widely acclaimed Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels, The Angelspeake Storybook, The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing and Heaven & Beyond: Conversations with Souls in Transition. She is an internationally known teacher, spiritual counselor and angel expert. She currently offers both in person and distance classes, counseling and readings.
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GIFT INFORMATION  Love Meditation - Become a magnet for love! This meditation will help you to attract the universe’s unconditional and limitless flow of loving energy. As you listen to these beautiful sounds, you will learn to open your heart and soul to receive the full benefit of this magnificent gift.

  Velma Gallant ~ Welcome Changes  {{E-Book}}
  Velma Gallant, aka The Queen of JOY, is an author, international speaker and Lazer Clarity Coach. The Queen of JOY wears many hats as she coaches her clients, including the I-Doctor of Self-Vision. As a Life-Driving Instructor, Velma encourages you to release the brakes and JOY Ride through Life! One of her special Joys is Welcome Changes Radio, where she interviews fun and exciting guests such as Mike Dooley, Joe Vitale and many more.
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GIFT INFORMATION  JOYTASTIC Women: It's Who We're Meant To Be - A JOYTASTIC Woman is someone who IS JOY. She IS JOY because of how she lovingly cares for all aspects of herself. She IS JOY because she knows her Value. In this report, you will learn about your 5 bodies, what they require, and how caring for your 5 bodies automatically brings you into balance and you become the JOYTASTIC Woman you are meant to be!

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