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Private Spiritual Energy Coaching Sessions with Kate

I firmly believe itís your birthright to live your version of Heaven on Earth; whatever that version is for you. Living in a human body includes challenges and sometimes those challenges are difficult to manage on your own.

My private coaching sessions are for you if:

you want to reconnect with the powerful love essence that you are

you want to stop living your life in default mode and learn how to manage and focus the power within you to manifest and live your highest and best good

you want to overcome subconscious programming to create and live consciously with awareness and control

you need a little extra support processing through resistance energy thatís been revealed to you, begging to be healed

you want more clarity concerning the guidance of your angelic team

you feel stuck or paralyzed

you need help cutting the cords, strings, strands, and threads of less than loving relationships and experiences

you need help shifting your energy to love to create a higher outcome

life is good, but you need a little help to manage your energy more consistently


Iíll let you in on somethingÖ I have a spiritual life coach.
Iím human too, and the loving support of my coach has
supported me to manage my own energy through rough times and
to excel at managing it through good times.
Is a coaching hand what YOU need to powerfully move forward?

Coaching Session Opportunities:

Single Session $199
60 minutes
Includes distant Eir Healing session

4 Session Package $699
{{savings: $97}}

4 - 60 minute sessions
Email Support

6 Session Package $999
{{savings: $195}}

6 - 60 minute sessions
Email Support

Be sure your payment includes your phone number. I will contact you to schedule your session by phone if youíre in the US or Canada, by email if you are in another country. Package sessions may be scheduled weekly, every other week or every three weeks. I feel that four weeks or more between sessions is too long, unless youíre scheduling single sessions just when you need them.

If we discern we're a good fit, I will do my best to fit you into my schedule.  If the schedule is full, you will be added to the waiting list, but I will fit you in as quickly as I can.

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