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Personal Private Services with Kate & Your Angels

Angel Reading by phone or Skype

You have an entourage of angels by your side in every moment - including this one.  They are whispering their guidance to you daily.  An Angel Reading with Kate will validate what you're experiencing - and many times answer your questions before you ask.

Appointments are limited.  Watch for appointment availability and specials in the newsletter!


Private Spiritual Energy Coaching Sessions with Kate

If you're feeling stuck or just need a little support to master the powerful energy within you, let's talk!  I offer both single sessions when you need them and packages of sessions when you have more work to do.  I'm here to support you!


Mastery Intensive Mentoring Session

This magical one-on-one session with Kate opens the way for you to process through the less than love energy that is holding you hostage. 

Are you ready? 

Are you willing to access the life force love energy that is your essence?

How awesome would it be to FEEL that love essence within you running in the background of your life every day - guiding you and illuminating the darkness of the physical world?

Note:  Only a few Mastery Intensive Mentoring Sessions are available each month, click in and apply as soon as possible in order to lock in your appointment this month.


The Secret Door to Success:  MASTERMIND

The Secret Door to Success is a small intimate group.  It is not a private session, however a private session with Kate is included in the program.

This MASTERMIND has proven itself to be magical beyond human description of words.  Kate and the angels work together to hold a safe loving space that defies time and space in order to support you as a valued member of the group.  From the very first meeting you will feel the unconditional loving support and be heard and recognized like you have never been heard and recognized before.

Contact Kate to be placed on the waiting list to be notified when the next MASTERMIND begins.

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